Thinking of a reason why you should do our Kettlebell Instructor Course? Here’s 10!

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You’ve definitely seen them everywhere, from your local gym to the fitness focused Instagram accounts you’re following, to magazine articles and they are also often featured on many fitness vlogs. Yes, we’re talking about kettlebells and the reason they keep popping everywhere once you start paying attention is because they’re a fantastic addition to anyone’s workout routine.

But why should you focus on learning more about kettlebells as a personal trainer?

If the versatility of kettlebell workouts has not convinced you yet, it might be good to have a look at these 10 reasons why you should expand your knowledge and learn more about kettlebells.

  1. As a kettlebell instructor, you can offer your client a fantastic functional training session

  2. Kettlebells don’t take up much space – although they can be quite heavy, they’re extremely compact so if a client prefers to train at home, you can definitely bring kettlebells with you or advise them to buy a set. (bonus: Kettlebells are inexpensive as well)

  3. Kettlebell training improves your client’s mobility and range of motion

  4. Your client can expect a considerable calorie burn (In a recent study* conducted by the American Council on Exercise, participants burned approximately 20 calories per minute)

  5. Kettlebells are quite FUN and they make for a great cardio workout as well, not only strength!

  6. You can train your client anywhere with kettlebells and this way, diversify their workout routine (because we all know that sometimes your clients just get a bit bored of the gym – then it’s time to switch it up and train in a park)

  7. Kettlebell workouts are fairly easy for your clients to learn and remember key moves and exercises

  8. Full body conditioning – as we previously mentioned, it’s a great way to combine strength and cardio!

  9. Quite low impact (so great for strengthening your client’s joints)

  10. Increased resistance and improved mobility

At Discovery Learning, they offer regular one-day Kettlebell Instructor CPD courses at our London, Birmingham and Manchester venues.

By the end of these one-day courses, students would have learned how to safely train with a kettlebell, they would be able to demonstrate correct techniques for the kettlebell exercises (Swings, Snatch, Clean, Squat, Press, Dead lift, Turkish Get Up), list teaching points for each of the foundation drills, complement progressions, regressions and remedial drills for each of the foundation exercises, design and apply basic Kettlebell training programmes.

In order to be able to take this course, students must hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification or higher.

If this sounds like something that’s right up your alley and you would like more information on this and other CPDs, give them a call on 0208 543 1017

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