Glad to be a grad: Ex-Students being awesome at what they do.

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Not long ago, we took part in a fitness festival where we accidentally bumped into one of our ex-students, while attempting to try his obstacle course and what seemed super easy before starting turned out quite challenging (in the best possible way) and tested our fitness quite a bit.

Bumping into Sean was a really happy coincidence and we decided to ask him a where he’s at now and what his overall impression of the course was, how it has helped him and what his advice is to those thinking about getting into the fitness industry.

DL: Sean, tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to start a career in the fitness industry?

SL: I had spent 10 years in the British Army as a Bomb Disposal Search specialist, I was looking to make my transition into civilian life and take on a new challenge.

A lot of my friends and family suggested that I should take up a profession in fitness but at this point, I had left the army and to be honest, had put on a little timber and lost a few minutes off my best run time..

But I like a challenge so I signed up for a Discovery Learning Course as 1. I had been recommended them by 3 of my friends and 2. the army paid for a lot of the
course at that time so it made financial sense.

Sean Laidlaw
Sean Laidlaw

DL: We know you’ve done your course a little while back and things have changed since then but what did you like most about your course?

SL: I started my course in November 2015 at the Heston academy. I am not a very good classroom student, the reason why I had done so well in the Army is because it’s
all practical, so this was a worry for me, but from the outset, the tutors had a good mix of practical and theory with plenty of times for questions and walk-throughs.

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DL: What was your approach to getting your first clients as a new PT?

SL: I joined a larger company when I finished my course, mainly to gain experience and “learn the ropes” and they were in charge of getting me clients so I could really
concentrate on the nitty-gritty art of coaching I then left them after 4 months and started my own company called ‘Beyond Limits’

Beyond Limits Team
Beyond Limits Team

DL: We know you come from a military background, did this have an influence on your style of training– was that the core idea of your current business?

SL: Yeah, the military had a massive impact on my style of training but also the expectations of my clients, they expected a Staff Sergeant style of approach with no give and all shouting… now don’t get me wrong I have my moments when I get to that but what kept my clients was my knowledge and willingness to learn more, not just in my own craft but how best to help them. Something one of my tutors told me and stuck with me ever since is: “Take time to learn about your clients’ needs and they will never need another coach”.

DL: What are your top recommendations for those thinking to get into personal training?

SL: I would 100% recommend getting into the fitness industry but please, please, do not expect to be a famous Instagram trainer in a year or maybe ever!

Do it to better peoples’ lives and better yours. The industry has such a wide range of employment but you need the drive to get there… don’t be afraid to work with others and spend your first year working for a larger company to find your feet and your niche!

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