NPE receives Professional Recognition from Active IQ

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NPE – a leading fitness business coaching organisation – has gained Professional Recognition from Active IQ for its 7.5-Step AUTO-CLOSER® Sales System programme. The 7.5-Step Programme helps fitness professionals confidently communicate the value of their service to ensure prospective clients commit to fair pricing as well as their fitness goals.

Understandably, most fitness professionals and business owners are far happier talking about fitness than their fees and many are underselling their services as a result. NPE’s AUTO-CLOSER programme gives fitness professionals the skills they need to market and sell their services with confidence.

Covering nine educational modules, the online course has been designed to help fitness professionals connect with more prospects, charge what they worth and create systems to maximise their schedule and fill their timetable with full fee-paying clients.

The AUTO-CLOSER® course helps fitness professionals:

  1. Improve their pricing and packaging to best align with a prospective client’s needs and ensure their business stays profitable as they grow.

  2. Learn a proven system for qualifying and consulting with prospective clients so they commit to their goals and enroll in the programmes on offer.

  3. Gain confidence in the value they deliver.

  4. Identify the best clients who can truly commit to programmes and payments thus will help take their business to the next level.

Participants complete a series of online workbook assessments before giving a final presentation to show their understanding.

“Far too often we see fitness professionals with a great business, who unfortunately don’t have the skills and confidence to be able to really communicate their business effectively,” says Greg Small, Client Success Coach at NPE. “Lacking an effective sales system can prove costly, as does keeping costs down for fear of being out-priced elsewhere. Our course helps fitness professionals grow their business by better communicating the value of their services, charging what they’re worth, and working with clients they truly love working with. Our track record speaks volumes while having Professional Recognition from Active IQ gives the ultimate reassurance to our clients.”

“Business acumen is key to long term successful growth in the fitness industry and all the enthusiasm and training skill will only get you so far,” says Tad Chapman, Business Development Manager for Active IQ. “NPE has developed an excellent course that empowers fitness professionals to communicate confidently and clearly with clients, explain the value of their services and secure commitment in terms of both working hard and paying a decent rate for their training. We were only too pleased to review its practice and award our Professional Recognition mark as there is no doubt the 7.5-Step programme is an asset to fitness professionals.”

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