Simple tips on how to survive the Christmas bulge

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Christmas is a time for enjoying many different, rich foods, we tend to avoid the rest of the year. And to be honest, we are actively encouraged to be gluttonous, with retailers promoting hearty meals with lots of gravy, stuffing, pigs in blankets, cheeses, mince pies & to wash it all down with a load of alcohol! With invitations to friends & family, passing round the box of chocolates & honey roasted cashews & sugary mulled wine, it’s a challenging time if your dieting or simply not wishing to add inches to your waistline.

Here are a few simple tips on how to survive The Christmas bulge.

Keep hydrated.

Lots of people tend to drink less water when the weathers cold, opting for more creamy lattes & hot chocolates. But with heatings on, we hydrate just as much if not more. Staying hydrated, curbs overeating & keeps everything moving. Try adding lemon to your water to help keep alkaline levels in your gut, & cleanse your liver. A large glass first thing will work wonders. Also a glass 30 minuets before a meal, stops you feeling as hungry & will stop you overeating.



Watch your portions.

Going back for seconds, piling up the roast potatoes & pigs in blankets & having 3 separate desserts isn’t going to bode well for anyone! The best thing to do is first fill your plate with loads of greens & veggies, which are high in fibre, low in calories & filling. Then add a small amount of carbs (your clenched fist size) and try to pick lean meats if available. If there’s something you love, take 1.

Don’t skip meals:

If you think starving yourself all day, turning up at a party ravenous, is the way to keep your waistline down, your greatly mistaken. All you’ll do is end up eating everything in sight!

If you know your eating out that day, have healthy meals before hand. Try scrambled eggs, spinach & feta for breakfast, protein, beetroot & quinoa salad for lunch, & a good vegetable soup late afternoon. 



Keep moving:

Relaxing might be top of your agenda over Christmas, but with wanting to indulge in some treats, it’s best to find a fun way to keep active too. My family tradition for many years now has been a lovely long walk after the main Christmas meal, (wait 30 minuets after eating to allow good digestion) before coming back for the dessert course. Popping to a local park, a walk through the woods, or letting the kids try out their new bikes / skates etc… the fresh air plus getting those steps in will help burn some of those extra calories away.

Alcohol tips:

We can’t forget the extra booze we all consume at parties & family meals. Best way to deal with these hidden calories is choose light spirits like vodka & gin mixed with fresh lemon or lime & soda water or diet fizzy drinks (the latter try to avoid as chemical sweetness are also not great but calorie free) or a dry white wine. Also ensure you swap every other drink for a glass of water or even better add lemon to it.


About the Author: Hayley Sinclair is a North London PT assessor, L4 Personal Trainer & owner of Limitless Personal Training, specialising in pre & post natal, fat loss, strength & conditioning & nutrition.

On a mission to get everyone moving, whatever age or ability.

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