What Daren did next… Boxing with Fabio Wardley

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I have always admired the boxing training, discipline and dietary commitments from a distance. In my humble opinion i have always seen it to be the ultimate all round sacrifice of time and danger. (One of the only sports where you can be offensive and defensive at the same time. The most ancient of sports dating before the Olympics)
You may be forgiven if like me thought that it’s all about punching someone as hard as you can, having big upper body strength to rely on and the sport doesn’t take that much thought.
I was very wrong about that.


PT Today were Invited to Grange Fitness home of the Suffolk Punch Club by Matt Brennan for an hour training session and then a chance to spar with Fabio Wardley. This was too big of an opportunity to turn down, so the date was set.
My first thoughts on a stereotypical Boxing gym with intimidating members was also shattered immediately when I walked in. People of all sizes and backgrounds. Men, women and children happily greeted me and the whole atmosphere seemed welcoming and approachable.
Then I was introduced to my boxing personal trainer Sam Crimp who could instantly tell I was ready for this. Those people who know me will know I had an early night to prepare for this important challenge. (Those that really know me will remember me celebrating someone’s birthday the night before and forgetting that the challenge was in the morning)
We started off with a warm up session, skipping. It’s remarkable how quickly you start to burn up a bit of sweat, started working the legs and arms with just a bit of rope. Obviously coordination is key (those nights on the dance floor were paying off)

Next it was using the gloves and pads. Learning to jab following up with the strong punch from my right, which I was told powers from the swivel of the hips and driving from the legs. Something i was happy with and getting good at. We then moved onto other combinations which included uppercuts, jabs,ducking and rolling. These were all numbered and Sam was calling them out and i had to respond. Then we began working on moving around the ring, swivelling to always keep away from danger and getting yourself in a better position to attack from defending.


So you can imagine having to remember all the combinations whilst the fatigue was setting in. This then becomes harder as you’re always thinking and I was forgetting..But I did find this really refreshing and wanted to book another session. I could see myself getting better and looked forward to the next session. (Sam I will be booking up again)

Finally I had the pleasure of being in the ring to spar with Fabio Wardley for two minutes. (The hardest and longest two minutes I might add) Fabio has been thrust into the highest limelight of professional boxing by securing a fight as one of the under-cards at the O2 arena for the Dillian Whyte V’s Chisora on the 22nd of December. Thanks for going easy on me and it was a pleasure to hear your story – check out the interview coming in Decembers magazine.

I would recommend Boxing to any sex and any age. I think it is great for Confidence, self esteem, and any “challenging kids” to help focus on their discipline and fitness. There are so many success stories of boxing changing people’s lives and turning attitudes to a more positive outlook.

So If you have a challenge for me [lease get in touch daren@pttoday.co.uk


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