Heavy Hitting Fabio Wardley on the brink of greatness

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With a new signing under his belt and a bound to be epic win and debut to pro boxing under new mentor Dillian Whyte, we were lucky enough to catch up with Fabio Wardley prior to any of these announcements and on the cusp of his whirlwind rise, to find out more about the man himself, what his hopes and dreams are and where he sees his career going.

PT: How did you get involved in Boxing?

FW: I was always involved with sports and things, when I was younger I played football at a half decent level at the Ipswich Academy. Even along side that Iw as always at the gym, Iw as never boxing but I was always on the weights and training in general. When I was 18 / 19 I got injuries and just didn’t recover from these and eventually stopped playing football altogether. 

I knew Rob from something he is involved in called positive futures, when I was a lot younger, I was (PT: a bit of a naughty boy) FW: haha yeah, a challenging child. So Rob and positive futures gave me an after school club and he had always talked about boxing, but I never got into it. After I stopped playing football, I gave Rob a call and he get me up the gym, I came up and I just never left really.  I absolutely loved it, it was brilliant. 

PT: So when you finished football, do you think it was the competitiveness, I need to compete I need to win that got you into Boxing?

FW: It was always that pushing yourself, I am the sort of person who needs some sort of goal, smooth to just strive towards, aim for. With football I had that, but then it went. With Boxing the goal was to get better, then the goal was to have a white collar fight, then the goal was to have a few more, and it just progressed. Every time I hit a goal, I’m here now, let’s keep moving forward. 

PT: Do you set your goals yourself or is that why its good to have a coach, mentor, trainer, that kind of thing?

FE: Yeah I am good at seeing my goals myself,  if you ask Rob he will say I’m very strong minded, very strong headed, if I want to do something one way then that s the way its got to be done. Which has pros and cons to it. But we make it work with the way we do things. Yeah so setting my own goals and stuff is defiantly from me, its just in my head I want to do this, I want to do better, I want to progress. 

PT: Tell us a bit aout your food and nutrition, whats going in your body at the moment?

FW: So when I started it was very poor, I came from football, so there was no real nutrition plan, you have to eat this it was just like, play football you will be alright. So when I came into boxing when I was was doing my white collar fights I would come in and trying for two hours, thats me sorted, I haven’t even got to worry about diet or nutrition or anything. I would just be losing eight, trimming off and getting fit. Especially as I was a heavy weight so I didn’t have to cut to lose weight. I would go to training and on the way home I would just get a dominos and have the whole pizza to myself and I would do that for two three times a week without even thinking about it. So its been a slow progression investigating nutrition and now I think of food as fuel. I am always cooking and eating the same thing, I don’t enjoy it, its just there to get me through the next workout. Other than the one cheat day a week I have, I look at my food differently. 

PT: So what is your favourite cheat food?

FW: Pizza, Dominos pizza definitely. Ahah

Final thought: 

Through out all the training, and not wanting to miss an opportunity there is one things that hods true, don’t get ready, stay ready. So I always try to be on top of myself. So at 2 or 3 weeks notice you can change where you are at. Ideally I would like 8 weeks notice to do the correct camp, road work and the like. 

With boxing its all about you, only you can do those sit ups, do those press ups and do those miles. There is a lot of self reflection and conversations with yourself, pushing yourself and driving yourself. You spend so much time in your own head, just talking to yourself and just coaching yourself to, it just builds self character. Boxing tests you and asks you questions about yourself. 

PT: Thanks Fabio and we wish you all the best for the future, and look forward to seeing just how your career develops. 

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