So what does the future, and 2019 hold for Awesome Supplements?

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A few months ago our customers filled out a survey for us on everything we were doing as a company, looking at current products, future products and our service.

We are making changes off the back of this feedback going into 2019
Here’s what you asked for and what we’re planning to do about it:

1.  You wanted a subscription service – That’s coming

2.  You wanted new vegan protein flavours – That is coming (as well as a new and improved vanilla vegan protein)

3.  You asked for a Vegan All-in-one – That’s coming

4.  You asked for a vegan omega 3 supplement – That’s coming

5.  You wanted to take less Daily Dose capsules – That’s done

6.  You wanted a snazzy metal water bottle – On the website

7.  You wanted bundles for sports performance and health, these are coming, this way you can save money and subscribe to your favourite products buying them as a bundle.

8.  You asked for some more whey protein flavours – Unlikely due to our focus on our Vegan Protein

9.  Energy Bars – We are working on it, but not soon

10.  You asked for our protein in bigger tubs, unfortunately we can’t do this just due to the size of our company, but one day – maybe 2020

11.  You asked for all our products to be vegan friendly, as from January 2019 onwards ALL our products will be vegan friendly apart from our whey protein and Fish Oil (but we will have a vegan version).

13.  We had a lot of feedback on our plastic use and being more eco-friendly. All our tubs are currently recyclable, so please do recycle them as that would make us and the environment super happy.

14.  A few people asked for a mass gainer. This isn’t something we will be looking to do, if you struggle to get the calories in get some whole milk or nuts added to your daily nutrition, an easy way to get extra calories in.

15.  You asked for a list of stockist on our website so you can visit gyms/shops directly and buy, this is coming in early 2019.

16.  There were then quite a few questions on products you would like us to do that we actually already do. A creatine based product for example was asked for by a few people, we have a stand-alone creatine monohydrate powder, a mix of creatine and beta alanine called Performance Blend, and creatine is also in our pre-workout.

Thank you again to anyone who participated in our survey earlier in the year, it’s really appreciated.

It helps us improve what we do, and please do rest assured we are always working to be better, for you, our awesome customers.

Here’s to an Awesome 2019 #FuelledByAwesome

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