Running And Learning A New Skill: The Top Hobbies Britons Will Be Taking Up This Year

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A new study has found that one in six Britons have decided that 2019 is the year that they want to push the boat out and take up a new hobby. Running, learning a new skill, singing and wild swimming top the list of hobbies that are being taken up this year in order for people to work on personal development, self-confidence and help de-stress.

Many of the hobbies that Britons plan to take up this year include being outdoors, from running and wild swimming to fishing. Four fifths of Britons already have a hobby they enjoy, but one in six want to try something new this year.

The study was conducted by the team at, in order to find out how many Britons plan to take up a new hobby in 2019. 1,463 Britons were questioned about any current hobbies they already have and what they want to do differently throughout 2019.

Initially all respondents were asked “Do you currently have any hobbies?” to which four fifths of respondents (82%) stated that ‘yes’ they do. When asked what area their hobby fell into, ‘health & fitness’ (19%), ‘arts & crafts’ (13%) and ‘music and dance’ (8%) were revealed as the top three.

All respondents were then asked if they plan to take up a new hobby in 2019, to which one in six (16%) stated that ‘yes’ they do. When provided with an extensive list of possible hobbies, and told to select all of the hobbies that they’d already taken up or were planning to take up, the top five were found to be the most popular for the year:

  1. Running – 17%
  2. Learning a new skill (a language, etc.) – 14%
  3. Singing – 13%
  4. Wild swimming – 9%
  5. Fishing – 7%

Those who hadn’t yet started their new hobby were asked why they were yet to begin, and ‘I need to buy bits for the hobby’ (52%) topped the list. Of those who have already started, 87% stated that they started on January 1st.

Furthermore, when asked what made them want to take up a new hobby, respondents cited ‘personal development’ (27%), ‘confidence’ (22%) and ‘stress relief’ (20%) as the top motivating factors.

Jeremy Laming, Co-Founder of Selkie Swim Co, said:

“It’s very important to work on self-development throughout the year and what better way to start than picking up a new hobby in January and watching your progress flourish throughout the year. Although it might be scary at first, it could surprise you how much you can grow and improve within weeks and then months. Everyone should have a hobby to de-stress from their busy lives, whether that involves going out and doing something or doing it from the comfort of their own home.”

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