Flying in the face of fitness

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BUNGEE WORKOUT™ is an exhilarating new three-dimensional fitness experience that delivers fun, flight and freedom in a full body workout for health club members.

Borne out of a wealth of experience and knowledge from the world of fitness, dance and aerial theatre, BUNGEE WORKOUT™ has spent years dedicated to developing a refined and revolutionary technique and delivers quality bespoke equipment to ensures a safe yet sensational experience.

Fusing movement and fitness techniques with flight and suspension, members wear a specially constructed BUNGEE WORKOUT™ harness that is attached to a specifically designed bungee at the back of their body so they can move freely with no restrictions in front of them.

The tension in the bungee enables participants to move and fly dynamically exploring lift, flight, bounce and power.  Each bungee is adjustable for different body types and abilities making it a weightless workout where everyone is welcome.

Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, BUNGEE WORKOUT™ Creator says “Your staff will love learning a truly new technique, plus regular workout releases and the thrill of leading our exciting BUNGEE WORKOUT™ classes will leave them engaged and energised.”

BUNGEE WORKOUT™ can be installed into a studio environment, leisure facility or gym and provides trainers with an easy and comprehensive solution that is fully supported by instructor training, music and choreography!

Jacqui Hobbs, Education Consultant at BUNGEE WORKOUT™ says “This workout is so addictive and absorbing, you won’t be able to help but drive member results, retention and return on reach.

In an industry constantly searching for the next best fitness experience, you’ve found it with bungee. By offering something so truly unique you will drive competitive advantage, a strong and sustainable facility economy and inclusivity. All whilst creating a bungee buzz and lasting legacy in your community.”

Technical experts will lead you through the consultation, equipment provision and installation processes and the BUNGEE WORKOUT™ fitness team will deliver REPs accredited certified training, work out development and a wealth of experience in all things bungee.

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**Photo Credit – Joe Armitage**

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