Bungee Workout launch at LIPA off to a flying start

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Borne out of a wealth of experience and knowledge from the world of fitness, dance and aerial theatre, BUNGEE WORKOUT™ has spent years dedicated to developing a refined and revolutionary technique and delivers quality bespoke equipment to ensures a safe yet sensational experience.

We caught up with Tom Bell, Christopher Rock and Mark Rayner to hear what they thought of this new high flying fitness workout.

Tom Bell – PD:Approval 

PD:Approval is the independent quality assurance organisation that provides endorsement for training recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

Tom told us, “I felt like a big kid, it’s so much fun that you forget you’re exercising! I loved the fight and flight element to the class. Definite feel good factor! It’s pleasure to support Wendy and her team on their journey to produce this unique programme and gain endorsement so that the course is recognised by REPs.”

Andy Whiting – Commercial Director for UK Coaching which owns REPs – said “ This is a fantastic addition to the suite of continuing professional development available to all our REPs members and shows the innovation and passion that drives the fitness industry.”


Christopher Rock – Managing Director, Excelsior Development Technologies (EDT)  www.excelsiordevelopmenttechnology.com

“I must admit I was somewhat sceptical about the Bungee Workout.  Yes, it looked like fun, however, I was unsure what the variations, adaptations and progressions might be.  That said, I got myself strapped in and got bouncing.

Initially the feeling of being on a bungee is strange, however, I quickly found myself smiling like a baby in a bouncer and running through the air like Peter Pan.  In terms of intensity the class was certainly challenging and in terms of fun it was off the scale.  I’d definitely recommend giving Bungee Workout a go.”

Mark Rayner, General Manager The Gym Group, Liverpool  thegymgroup.com

“I was delighted to be invited to the Bungee Workout launch event on January 10th. Being a gymnast previously, I was intrigued and keen to see how the Bungee system worked.

I found the warm up informative, and very well instructed with the exercises being easy to learn and repeat.

When we moved into the cardio programmes it was clear that this was a really well designed total body workout. You get out what you put in, and the intensity is truly down to how hard an individual can push.

The highlight for me was the flying planks, a real adrenaline pump and an amazing experience.”

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