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Every gym or club operator knows that there’s a balance to be struck between floorspace, costs and the delivery of training experiences. Faced with a fixed overhead of running a facility in terms of cost per square foot or square metre, freeing up as much space as possible for training is vital.

A key ingredient in meeting this challenge is equipment storage. Great storage maximises floorspace, opening the door to the best possible member experience. In this article, we look at four categories of storage solution, but first, we start with a reminder of the role storage can play in keeping members safe.


Gyms aren’t fundamentally dangerous places, but safety is something that every operator, manager and trainer should take seriously. The most important obligation a club has is of course to properly teach members the correct way to perform each type of exercise. However safety on the gym floor is gym floor also needs serious attention to detail elsewhere.

Take a look at this extract from an injury lawyer’s website: “You could make a gym injury compensation claim if you’ve been hurt as a result of hazards not being cleared away (e.g.water spills, free weights).”

Personal injury lawyers are actively looking for gym members who have tripped over a dumbbell, kettlebell or sandbag. It’s a powerful driver for clubs to get their storage stored. There should be a safe place away from the gym floor for every piece of equipment. Back it up with clear and regular communications with members about the need to store unnecessary equipment away before working out.


Choosing the right storage solutions for different areas of a club does more than banish clutter or improve safety. Get your choices right, and the storage itself can positively contribute to the overall workout experience. So here’s a run-through of four styles of storage solution – including examples from Escape’s latest equipment range.


Keeping equipment racked and ready to go is essential in any functional training area. Members may spend just a few minutes or even seconds at a time with each piece of equipment, so getting it out and back in storage again quickly matters.

The nature of functional training equipment is its variety. Functional tools come in all shapes and sizes, from a big inflated gym ball to a small weighted bag like a GRIPR. That’s why a flexible shelving solution is ideal – Escape’s RACK5 gym storage rack has been designed with this in mind. Height-adjustable shelves make sure it can accommodate each gym’s unique equipment range.

To make the most of the versatility of the RACK5 and Escape’s functional training tools, we’ve put together five ready-go-packages. Each one is a performance-focused partnership of storage and training tools targeted at variations on the functional theme:

  • Functional Pack – the all-rounder for multi-plane functional training.
  • Strength Pack – the perfect complement to any strength-focused zone or facility.
  • Power Pack – a great selection of tools for dynamic total body exercises.
  • Mobility Pack – tools for flexibility and mobility sessions before or after workouts.
  • Fitness Pack – equipment at lighter weights as the ideal station for anyone new to functional training.



The RACK5 concept is also available as an integrated component of Escape’s Octagon functional training frames. Pictured below as integral features of the T2 and Half Squad frames, RACK5 shelving brings to life fantastic training workouts or programmes that blend work on and off the frame.

Trainers love this type of installation because they can get groups going on circuits with maximum variety. Moving from a 30-second blast with a Rope Pulley to a few reps of Bulgarian Bag swings, and then on to the next station, makes for a great workout. Looking for maximum results from a training frame? Then build some storage into the frame and you’re all set.


Sometimes racking alone doesn’t meet all of a club’s requirements for keeping functional equipment neatly stored. This is especially true for those smaller items that always seem to be left lying around a gym floor. Resistance tubes, boxing gloves, foam rollers are frequently scattered around the club, so why not give them a permanent home?

The Escape Ammo Box is a large-capacity, strong and portable solution with 216 litres (57 US gallons) of internal space. Top features include a sturdy handle and wheels, optional dividers to split the space into four compartments, a soft-close lid powered by gas struts, and ventilation to help complete the drying of equipment between workouts.


Last but not least, let’s not forget that freeweight areas need excellent storage facilities, too. It’s essential because these can be among the most-used areas in a club. So racks that have exactly the right configuration and capacity for a range of freewights are a must.

Within the Escape range is a comprehensive suite of dumbbell racks, accommodating anything from five to 15 pairs of dumbbells. Meanwhile, our flexible Cross Hub storage rack can accommodate dumbbells and kettlebells, but has the added ability to store medballs and other items. A cool feature is the way that the shelves can be orientated at an angle for quick access to dumbbells, or horizontal for other types of equipment.


Check out Escape’s Ammo Box, RACK5, and Cross Hub storage solutions, and the extensive range of Octagon Training Frames. Please contact us for more information:

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