Motivating members through data-rich experiences

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Newly launched Shapewatch, an innovative 3D body visualisation tool, enables users to scan their bodies, monitor key biometrics and see their body shapes in 3D, – making progress tracking  toward their fitness goals via the Shapewatch app more real, motivational and empowering. 

Backed by international market leader Global Scanning, a company with over 30 years of scanning technology experience, and private equity firm Procuritas, Shapewatch digitally delivers a relevant data rich experience designed to continuously motivate members throughout their fitness journeys.

Shapewatch includes both a kiosk and app. The Shapewatch kiosk is an automated self-serve unit that delivers scanning results in 60 seconds. The Shapewatch app, which lives on the user’s smart device, enables health clubs to offer members a detailed, accurate and highly visual account of their key biometrics – including body fat percentage, lean body mass and waist-hip ratio and much more so they can keep track of how their body changes as they progress in their workout regimens. 

Another key way Shapewatch motivates user transformation is through social sharing. With the app, users can post progress to their social networks using the fitness industry’s first augmented reality experience focused on changing body shape. 

Additionally, its flexible design architecture enables health clubs to easily integrate Shapewatch’s functionality into their own club branded apps to ensure a seamless member experience both inside and outside the club, as well as provide fun, inspirational content on the user’s smart device.  

Unlike the existing solutions on the market today, Shapewatch is more efficient and effective – an evolution away from the inaccurate, inconsistent and invasive measurements common to many health, fitness and wellness practices. Advantages include:

  • Scanning results that are obtained in a little over a minute 
  • Augmented reality avatars – the industry’s first
  • User data access via the Shapewatch app
  • Easy-to-interpret, recognisable measurements and biometrics
  • Motivational community building among users

Launched for both the fitness and wellness industries … for gyms, clubs, boutiques and studios, Shapewatch increases member engagement by making users accountable for their own goals and achievements through body composition tracking that shows health data results over time. For the wellness industry, Shapewatch provides a discreet, non-invasive consultation with consistent and accurate results that viscerally connects body composition to overall health effect.

“We put Shapewatch to the test through extensive trials in a well-known global gym franchise and the results were impressive.  It enables clubs to boost revenue and secondary spend because its powerful transformation tracking abilities make it easier to add value to both PT and nutritional programs when users can connect actions with results. Available through simple rental agreements, clubs can either charge for Shapewatch use or offer it to members as a high-end value-add,” said Alan Louden, Shapewatch sales director.

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