PREDATOR! Rucking and Mauling for over 30 years

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We love a success story, especially when it’s on home turf. PREDATOR! Is one of these.

The company began in 1982 when Paul Richter was approached by an inventive neighbour seeking engineering expertise to develop the first roller scrum machine. This became the Rhino Powerhouse family of machines which were built by his company Richter Engineering for a number of years. 

Paul’s passion for engineering excellence led him tre-design and develop the concept with focus on force adjustment and measurement and launched a range of new models under the brand name PREDATOR! Scrum Machines. The machines were an instant hit with both local and national teams wanting to gain the competitive advantage, and it wasn’t long before the rest of the world cottoned on with orders coning in from South Africa, France and even Barbados.

As the reputation of new brand grew, the British Lions asked the brand to support their 1997 tour of South Africa with the provision of scrum machines and a full range of other training aids. This of course was a publicity opportunity not to be missed, and thus began the comprehensive range of PREDATOR! rugby equipment still used by local and professional teams today.

Supplying a range of products to clubs and schools, the company also found partners to produce the PREDATOR! Rugby Ball. These superb quality match balls have come to constitute a significant proportion of the company’s sales still today. Thousands of rugby balls are imported and stocked at the North Devon HQ, ensuring that they can be delivered to customers on a next day service.  The PREDATOR! policy is to supply the best quality rugby ball at the lowest price, unlike other brands with grossly inflated prices across a “range” of rugby balls. PREDATOR! supply one grade of rugby ball – the BEST. The wisdom of training with the same ball type that is used for matches is undeniable.

In addition to the Rugby Balls, the range includes Rugby Shorts, Kit Bags, Ball Bags, Corner Poles, Corner Flags, Post Protectors, Training Bibs and Tops, Tracksuits, Subsuits, Headguards and Shoulder Pads, Speed Ladders, Banana Steps (Speed Hurdles), Grid Marker Poles, Disc Marker Cones, Powerchute Parachutes, Tacklebags, Contact Shields, Contact Suits and Tag Rugby Belts, all available for next day delivery. They also a Full design service for sponsors supporting their local clubs.

Understandably Europe is a large market for the business with orders regularly received from France Germany and Spain although they are happy to export as far as Australia and Japan. It’s great to see an English company be pioneers on the world Rugby stage and after 35 years and still going strong, we can’t see them going anywhere yet!

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