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The digital fitness brand launched its largest-ever global marketing campaign, resulting in record results in sales and reach in January.

Freeletics, the world’s fastest-growing digital fitness company, recorded its most successful month ever in January 2019, both in terms of global sales and reach. The success was driven by the launch of the company’s largest ever global marketing campaign, “Dare To Be Free.”

What is Freeletics? Freeletics has been built around a single vision since day one: to challenge and inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Freeletics is the creator of some of Europe’s #1 fitness apps, promoting and increasing physical fitness as well as mental strength, willpower and self-confidence – all vital tools for people to shape their life, reach their goals and become their best selves. Founded in 2013, the company has already created one of the most successful fitness movements in the world, with 33 million users in over 160 countries.

The campaign highlighted common barriers to fitness – barriers which, in the company’s eyes, also keep people from discovering their own full potential. Time, age, expectations, fame and victory were the barriers which were explored through short stories of individual characters within the campaign. Shot in LA and largely targeted towards a US audience, the “Dare To Be Free” campaign comprised of a series of YouTube videos and numerous ads, as well as social media, CRM and blog content. The videos, which received more than 10 million views, were directed by award-winning film director Chehad Abdallah.

Fitting to the idea of breaking down common fitness barriers, the German startup sent a custom-built “Dare To Be Free Truck” through New York City in January, offering anyone the opportunity to work out without barriers, anytime and anywhere, directly in and around the truck. Pedestrians, businesses and state organisations took Freeletics up on the offer and hundreds of people used a few free minutes in their day to train with the Freeletics app and a personal trainer. Throughout January, the truck toured over twenty locations across the city, providing countless workouts and many interesting photo-ops for passers-by

As part of the truck activation, Freeletics also partnered with a number of athletes and influencers to raise awareness for the campaign, including NFL Player Pathway Program athlete Christian Wade, model Lisa Ramos, TV presenter Layla Anna-Lee and British poet Hussain Manawer.

The campaign was rounded off by PR and social media activities. Throughout January, over 200 posts were published across the Freeletics social media platforms, boosting growth and bringing the brand ever closer to the one million follower mark on Instagram. PR activities such as national surveys supporting the campaign in the UK, US and Germany and a CEO panel in New York helped the company to achieve a media reach of two billion through PR alone in the month of January.

Commenting on January’s success, Freeletics CEO Daniel Sobhani said “We are delighted with the start we have made to 2019. January is notoriously the most competitive month in the fitness industry, and yet we have managed to successfully cut through the noise. We finished 2018 in a very strong position and now I’m looking forward to building on our successes throughout the remainder of 2019. Big things are coming and we are very excited.”

The launch of the “Dare To Be Free” campaign came shortly after Freeletics secured a $45 million Series A funding round in December. With 120% record growth in core markets, including the US, over the last six months, the company is poised for exponential growth.

Freeletics was founded in 2013 with the mission to challenge and inspire people to become the greatest version of themselves. Since then, the company has grown to create some of the most popular fitness and personal coaching apps, with 33 million users in over 160 countries. The company’s flagship app is the #1 fitness app in Europe and offers the most advanced AI technology in the industry. The training app puts a personal trainer in your pocket, enabling people to train anytime, anywhere, with hyper-personalized training plans and workouts. The program’s unique AI technology allows the app to learn from 33 millions users, plus individual workout feedback, so it can develop ongoing smart Freeletics Training Journeys uniquely designed for each user.

For more information on Freeletics, please visit The Freeletics app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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