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You’re a personal trainer, you want to be successful, I get it, I did too, but I don’t know about you, but I spent an awfully long time focused on the wrong stuff to make me successful as a coach. We are all guilty of losing focus and obsessing over the wrong areas of business. After a while, I started to look into and get down to the detail on client results.  

Client results are everything, they are your bread and butter. If you make a client lose 2 stone in 3 months and make them feel awesome they are going to shout about you to anyone that will listen, simple as it’s the best marketing tool we have. 

So there I was head buried in nutrition and training books trying to find more advanced techniques to turbo charge fat loss and maximise hypertrophy. But I already knew how to get someone to lose body fat, and I knew how to make someone fit, so why was I focusing on getting geekier? 

If I’m honest I thought more speciality would bring results, and it was also satisfying my desire to learn and be geeky and be able to sound clever in front of my clients. Yet the reality is my clients didn’t want that and didn’t care about it, they wanted simple, not complicated. This is why people follow simple diet templates and go to classes, they just want simple.  

So instead of focusing on more specific carb timing protocols I instead started to focus on client roadblocks. Why were they struggling, why couldn’t they apply my advice? It wasn’t a lack of specificity, they know what carbs were and how much they needed, they had all that info. 

I then went on a pursuit of problem-solving, because if I could solve my client’s frustrations, their problems, I could get them better results. And most of the problems were super simple, like making food super quick, tasty and healthy. To make healthy food cheaper. How to manage the weekend in a healthy way and not binge. How to recover better so one didn’t feel tired the next day and gorge on too much food just cause they were feeling tired. 

These were all super simple problems my clients were facing, and me reading more geeky books wasn’t fixing the problems they had, it was making things worse. This is why coaching skills are fundamental if you understand behaviour, coupled with nutrition, training, and a dose of business, you will be a world class trainer. 

So all I leave you to think about today is what is it your coaching practice needs, what do you need to up in your skill set toolbox to better help your clients? It might be nutrition knowledge, awesome, but it might also be behaviour and coaching language, or business. Whatever it is think critically and spend your personal development time on that stuff. If you need help, you want an objective ear, reach out to me on social media @bencoomber or delve into my coaching brain with my book ‘How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer’, available on Amazon. 

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