Clubbercise celebrates 5th appearance at the International Fitness Showcase!

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The first ever Clubbercise class was started by three friends back in 2013. It was designed to combine the best bits of clubbing and fitness – music, fun, euphoria, dancing, calorie-burn and toning. The class proved really popular with the mainstream fitness market and the first training course was held in early 2014.

In March 2015 Clubbercise made their debut at the International Fitness Showcase (IFS), which is held annually at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Little did they know the massive impact their first appearance at the show was about to have on the fitness industry.

Seeing as it was their first time at IFS the Clubbercise team booked one of the smaller spaces at the venue. When their session started it was busy but not full, however, word quickly spread throughout the event that there was a fresh new kid on the fitness block and soon the room was jam-packed.

An organiser of the show said at the time that the Clubbercise session was one of the most exciting things to happen at the event in over ten years!

Clubbercise returned to the event every year after that. Their first session attracted around 150 participants, the second year they moved to the huge ballroom at the Winter Gardens and since then between 200-300 people have been taking part in their ‘healthy clubbing’ workouts annually at IFS.

In 2016 they were honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Brand Presence’ award which was presented by IFS co-founder Ceri Hannan. The same year they also won ‘Best Community Fitness Brand’ at the National Community Fitness Awards.

Clubbercise went international in 2016 after Virgin Active rolled out the concept in Thailand and Singapore and it is now expanding via both gyms and community-based instructors in Australia and New Zealand.

There currently are over 2,000 Clubbercise classes available worldwide.

Claire Burlison, Clubbercise Founder and Brand Director says “I’ll never forget our first time at the International Fitness Showcase, we never expected to get such incredible feedback! It really raised our profile in the industry and is still one of the highlights of our year. The venue is amazing and the people are so friendly, it really is the ultimate Clubbercise experience”

To mark their 5th appearance Clubbercise are giving away a training package worth £500. To enter visit

What does a Clubbercise class involve?
Clubbercise is a fitness class held in darkened studios with glow sticks, disco lights and a clubbing soundtrack – featuring both modern day floorfillers and classic anthems. The moves are a combination of dance, toning and combat, easy-to-follow but guaranteed to give you a great cardio workout, burning around 600 calories a session. It’s the ultimate exercise in disguise workout!

What are the benefits?
People not only get fit and lose weight, but Clubbercise classes provide a real ‘feel good’ factor. The classes are very inclusive in that you don’t have to be a great dancer to take part, and the darkened studio lets you to lose your inhibitions and enjoy yourself, with the bonus of not experiencing a hangover the next day! A recent survey conducted by Clubbercise revealed that 94% of respondents with mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and stress felt that doing regular Clubbercise classes improved their mental health by a reasonable or significant amount.

How do they keep people coming back?
The classes are incredibly social and all-inclusive. People have fun, make friends, love the music and work up a sweat. Clubbercise isn’t at all intimidating and there’s no complicated moves or machinery to master. The music is infectious, and the atmosphere is contagious – some Clubbercise classes have waiting lists of 50+ people!

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