Introducing the CrossClimb: Pulse Fitness combines cardio and strength training with its latest innovation

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Pulse Fitness has launched the CrossClimb, the first ever cross-trainer / incline stepper hybrid machine. Combining cardio and strength training, and built-to-last with the ultimate in British engineering, the CrossClimb has been designed to maximise lower body muscular engagement. The machine helps to burn more calories than a traditional cross-trainer and has conditioning benefits equivalent to exercising on a treadmill.

The CrossClimb builds cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength as users work against the resistance. The machine requires a larger range of lower body motion than a typical cross trainer recruiting more muscle and increasing calories burned. It also supports minimal impact to the lower body, reducing pressure on the knees, hips and ankles, making it accessible for all fitness levels.

Inclusive of Pulse Fitness’ latest technology, users can track their workouts through PulseMove and are also able to stay connected via social media and watch TV whilst working out.

“At Pulse Fitness we are passionate about creating versatile and high performing fitness machines that will appeal to a wide variety of fitness levels from the deconditioned to the elite,” says Richard Sheen, Commercial Sales Director for Pulse Fitness. “The CrossClimb combines the very best of cardiovascular training alongside resistance exercise, providing users with an all-round workout. The CrossClimb is perfect for both those new to exercise as it feels easier than other equipment while offering greater benefits as well as those looking to strength train without putting additional strain on the joints.”

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