Visit Shapewatch at the Elevate ‘Tech Lab’ 

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Newly launched Shapewatch, an innovative 3D body visualisation tool that enables users to scan their bodies, monitor key biometrics and see their body shapes in 3D is debuting its newly enhanced customisable avatar at Elevate 2019, 8-9 May at ExCeL in London.

Shapewatch includes a scanning kiosk and app. The kiosk, an automated self-serve unit, delivers scanning results in about a minute. Users can access their results and visualise them through their personal avatars on the app – housed on their own smart devices. This enables clubs to provide detailed, accurate and visual accounts of key biometrics – body fat percentage, lean body mass, waist-hip ratio and more so users can track body changes as their workouts progress. And, with the app, users can post progress to their social networks.

These features add up to Shapewatch fully supporting true transformation, as users feel more accountable for their goals with visual body composition tracking allowing them to see how their behaviors impact their health data and results. It is the highly accurate, personalised and animated avatar Shapewatch has created that makes it the fitness industry’s first augmented reality experience focused on changing body shape.

A powerful tool to add value for existing club members, attract new members, and sell PT, the flexible design architecture of Shapewatch enables clubs to easily integrate its functionality into their own club branded apps to provide members with motivational content, as well as a seamless experience in and out of the club.

Launched in October 2018, the Shapewatch team has been building partnerships and enhancing its system with recent advancements including:

  • New avatar that offers customisable options for hair color and style, facial features, skin tone and clothing choice, plus includes sequenced animations like jogging, dancing, various stretches and more. This standout feature sets Shapewatch apart and early feedback shows users really connect to the avatar, as it’s like a fitness alter ego.
  • The addition of Dynamic Movement Assessment through an exclusive partnership with Kinetisense, with valuable applications for rehabilitation, pre-habilitation, wellness and performance.
  • Multiple installations across several countries and a variety of market segments.
  • Open API connecting into club branded apps and soon into other wearables and apps.
  • More powerful data presentation capabilities including Shapewatch’s HeatMap which colourfully visualises changes between scans, and offers enhanced graphic trend lines.
  • Shapewatch’s recent selection as a finalist in ukactive’s prestigious ActiveLab fit-tech accelerator, an intensive 12-week program of fast-track support to accelerate cutting edge innovation in health and physical activity from the UK and across the globe.

Visit Shapewatch at the Elevate ‘Tech Lab’ 

The Shapewatch team will be meeting with clubs, PTs and distributors during the 2019 Elevate event. Visitors can demo the system in real-time as they download the app, have their bodies scanned in 3D and see their own digital 3D “selfie” avatars on their mobile devices – showing their key biometrics including body composition, circumference and more. Additionally, they can undertake a dynamic movement screen to assess their functional movement. Plus, attendees will see Shapewatch’s holographic demo models as they showcase the system.


About Shapewatch

Backed by international market leader Global Scanning – with over 30 years of scanning technology experience – Shapewatch is an innovative 3D body visualisation tool which allows users to scan their bodies, monitor key biometrics and see their body shapes in 3D as well as track progress towards their fitness/wellness goals via the Shapewatch app. For further product information or to experience Shapewatch: or visit

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