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A healthy mindset is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be – James and Yaz

Power couple James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou have launched The Wellness Retreat Marrakech, an intimate, immersive wellness experience at a luxury villa in Marrakech. The Wellness Retreat doesn’t just focus on health & fitness but prides itself on working with the mindset and focuses on positivity and mental health. 

After a rocky few months for James and Yaz, with various personal and relationship issues, they both decided to take a break from the limelight to save their relationship and get away to clear their mind. This is where they realised how important mental health and having a positive mindset is and how it can affect someone’s wellbeing. They wanted to create a retreat to help others do the same. 

James has always been passionate about fitness and staying in shape, whilst Yazmin, who has battled with depression and anxiety, has revealed how she overcame her own issues with the help of mind therapy sessions and focusing on leading a healthy active lifestyle, fuelling her body and mind in a positive way. You can be fit and eat healthily, but if your mind isn’t in the right place, then this can lead to more issues for your inner self and mental health. 

James & Yazmin founded The Wellness Retreat Marrakech to help share their passion for leading a healthy active lifestyle, as well as their love for Morocco where Yazmin’s family is from. The retreat aims to help you relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Spending time & building a strong relationship with their guests, Yazmin and James enlisted the help of experts to create personalised wellness programs that are designed to challenge the body, while bringing peace to the mind. 

Featuring a team of experts including chefs, mind coaches, qualified yoga instructors and fitness trainers, the week retreat includes a structured fitness program that caters for all abilities, whilst their team prepare healthy meals, freshly cooked by their dedicated chefs. The private gated Villa comprises of luxury bedrooms with balcony views, each with their own en suite bathroom, a private swimming pool, an on-site spa and massage parlour, various chill out rooms, luxury sun loungers and plenty of room to relax.

Believing in long term health goals over quick fixes, The Wellness Retreat Marrakech is set out to help guests take on this concept into their everyday lives and be supported once they leave the retreat to help them maintain the healthy habits they have started during their experience. 

James Lock said: “We wanted to launch The Wellness Retreat Marrakech to help people who have gone through tough times. Yaz and I had relationship issues as we weren’t communicating with one another and I was unsure of how we were going to overcome this. We struggled with anxiety and became very low. We decided to take a break to save our relationship and focus on us which massively helped our relationship as we were able to discuss our insecurities and understand each other. We have never been stronger as a couple and we want to share our experience to help change other peoples lives for the better – physically and mentally.” 

Exercise programmes will include: 

  • Boxercise 
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Tabata 
  • Circuit Training 
  • Mountain Hikes 
  • Yoga 
  • Swimming 
  • Morning Walks / Runs

Various fun fitness related games Fitness & exercise will include: 

Whether you are a complete beginner or exercise regularly, our structured fitness programme will ensure you have fun whilst learning and improving your relationship with exercise. Our focus is to help you make fitness and exercise a part of your lifestyle. On our week-long retreat, we will give you a variety of different activities and help you to understand that fitness and exercise should be a reward for your body, not a punishment. Our sessions will include full body workouts using various different aspects of fitness aimed to give you the maximum results and benefits. We strongly believe in not overworking your body and understanding the importance of long term consistency to your exercise and healthy living routine. Fitness comes hand in hand with nutrition and we will ensure that this works around your exercise to ensure you recover effectively and are feeling fresh day after day. The Fitness Team will ensure that the week is planned and structured perfectly including high and low-intensity workouts! Our goal is to help you have a positive relationship with exercising and understanding the importance of this as part of your everyday life. 

Mind Therapy will include: 

Our approach to yoga is to provide many variations of poses throughout each class so that everyone can enjoy the practice. Sessions are inclusive of all abilities and experiences. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga; that’s just a myth! Just come as you are; no expectations or judgement. Our sessions focus on Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga which will include poses (asanas) to stretch as well as strengthen the whole body; you will learn and practice sun salutations, balances, twists, core work… the list goes on… all in this beautiful sunny villa in Marrakesh! A dreamy place to rejuvenate, reset and de-stress. You can also join in with our fantastic PIYO classes which are a total body conditioning workout, which mixes a variety of Pilates and yoga movements to help you build strength, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it. This truly is a retreat to help you heal and gain strength in mind, body and soul. 

Mind Coaching will include: 

We all have a story; a struggle, inner conflict, worry or past trauma that can impact on who we are and how we choose to live our daily lives. Sometimes, all it takes is time and space away from the pressures of work and home life to breathe and find clarity. Our team have worked for years supporting people to find answers, solutions, next steps, positive thinking in all facets of their lives. They have training and experience to support you in leadership and career discussions, relationship or confidence advice as well as helping with mental health and overall self-care. Our coaches will provide an opportunity to learn strategies in mini-workshops tackling the basics in positive thinking processes and ways in which we can change our thought patterns and habits. Our coaches will also be on hand if you would like additional one to one sessions to really work through anything you feel is holding you back. You will not only be able to access physical fitness at this retreat but will grow as a person; working on mindset and personal development. 

Let us support you in positive thinking and goal setting strategies to help you to find your sparkle again! 

Fit Food: 

Focusing on a healthy balanced diet, The Wellness Retreat team believes in creating a healthy relationship with food through creating healthy habits. Guests will be catered by a team of both British & Moroccan Chefs who will use local ingredients to create daily organic and fresh meals. Food for all, including Vegetarian and Vegan options, will be provided, and any allergies and intolerances will be looked after. 

What to expect: 

The Wellness Retreat team will greet their guests at Marrakech airport and bring them to their private villa for the week. Once settled into their luxury rooms, guests will be welcomed by the team and handed a welcome pack. 

A Typical Day at The Wellness Retreat: 

7.00am Wake Up
7.30am Herbal Tea & Aloe Vera
8.00am Run/Walk
9.00am Breakfast
9.30am Chill Out / Pool Time
11.00am Exercise Session 1 (45 – 60 mins)
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Chill Out / Pool Time
3.00pm Exercise Session 2 (45 – 60 mins)
4.00pm Post-Workout Shake & Snack
4.15pm Chill Out
6.30pm Dinner
8.30pm Nutrition Workshop / Mind Therapy Session 9.30pm Evening Activity
11.00pm Lights Out 

Throughout the week there will be a group mountain hike of the Atlas Mountains, and opportunities to take in the breath-taking views of Marrakech. There will also be a 1 to 1 Mind Therapy session included for each guest. The evening activities will include – Movie Nights, healthy dessert making, as well as fun games and activities. 

Celebration & Recognition Day: 

On the final day, guests will be treated to a VIP Pool Party for an afternoon around the pool celebrating the hard work during the retreat. The final evening will include a fun themed celebration meal to recognise all guests’ efforts and reward their hard work. 

To book a space & for more information on The Wellness Retreat in Marrakesh, please go to

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