Chiara Lewis, nominated by Women’s Health as one of the most inspirational female PTs in Londono

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 Musical theater performer turned fitness instructor and PT —has trained at Psycle London, Barrecore, Third Space & 1Rebel.

1. Do you have a morning and/or evening routine? If so please can you tell us what you do?

Most days I need to be up and out early to train clients or teaching classes. I typically have to be in the studio at 6am so that means my alarm is set for 4.30am. It is vital for me to have a good evening routine to guarantee a good start of the day. As my eyes are half closed at that time of the morning I would struggle to even find my leggings. So I make sure the evening before I lay out my outfit and prepare my bag. I also write down on my phone a to-do list so that my head doesn’t feel crammed and I can fall asleep. I’m also working on reducing screen time at night – although with the up and coming last season of GOT I’ve been unable to live up to my intention lately: I simply HAD to re-watch the whole series – oh yes, I am human too.

I try always to think of a positive thing before closing my eyes. Something nice that happened during the day or something I’m feeling grateful for.

In the AM the first thing I do is to grab a big glass of water to rehydrate after the long break of the night. I try to squeeze in my meditation first thing (I use an app called Headspace) otherwise I know I won’t do it later on in the day.

Every day I set the same intention in my head: “Today is gonna be the best day of the year”. I grab my keep-cup filled of nespresso and oat milk and off I go. Ready to take on whatever comes at me.

Your top 3 tips to living a healthy life

  1. Be positive – Always try to look at the positive side of things and try to avoid the “it always happens to me” attitude. You have power over how you react to things that happen to you.
  2. Be present – and if you need to look in any direction make sure it’s always forward. And if you’re looking back try to be grateful for all the lessons.
  3. Try to schedule ahead: your work commitments, your workouts, your time to socialise. Make a plan for the day/week well in advance. Do not let life just happen to you.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without

The first thing that comes to mind is my dog, Coco. I love her squishy face, but I guess for the purpose of this article I need to say exercise. And it’s true, whenever I don’t move my body (and it can be anything, even just a long walk or a 10 mins abs routine) I get really cranky.

One fun fact about you.

Not sure if this is fun or freaky but if you put your pinky next to each other, palms up, and count the lines (of your pinkies) you count 3 on both of them right? Well I count 3 on my left but 4 on my right…it always gets all my friends freaked out!

Do you have a life mantra you can share?

Always try to explore outside the comfort zone, that will allow it to expand and create more space.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Binging on box sets. I simply CANNOT watch only one episode!

3 things on your bucket list to do

  1. Set up my own foundation to empower teenage girls in underprivileged countries to understand their true value
  2. Travel the world and be wowed by nature
  3. Achieve something epic, like climbing mount Everest

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