What is CO2 Dry Spa therapy?

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Naturally occurring CO2 within volcanic caves has been used for centuries to speed up healing and recovery. It is a powerful, natural treatment that facilitates the absorption of carbon dioxide through the skin – improving blood supply to the dermis, muscles and organs.

Across Europe, in the clinical setting, CO2 therapy is now used to treat a range of conditions, restoring healthyvascular function and aiding the healing process after sports injuries and surgery.

The Prodest CO2 Dry Spa recreates the conditions found in nature, using a purpose-designed and state ofthe art cabin that efficiently treats the lower body. We are the first and only company offering this effective,revolutionary alternative treatment in the UK.

Who will benefit from CO2 Dry Spa therapy?

CO2 Dry Spa treatment helps people recover faster and train for longer. It is suitable for professional athletes;anyone who plays sport or goes to the gym; and those recovering from an injury or operation who requirea comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

Post-surgery treatment:

CO2 exposure stimulates the damaged tissue, allowing faster wound healing and reducing pain and scarring.

Sports medicine:

Oxygen supply to muscles is improved, boosting performanceFaster recovery and regeneration after training and competitions Lactic acid is eliminated quicker

With the development of The CO2 Dry Spa, people in the UK can now access this effective therapy withoutneeding to travel abroad.

CO2 therapy is covered by national health insurance in several continental European countries and we expect it to be covered similarly in the UK in due course.

What happens during a CO2 Dry Spa treatment?

All patients can remain fully clothed and are able to relax in the comfortable cabin as it fills to chest levelwith carbon dioxide. The CO2 is then absorbed by the body through the skin as well as any clothing.

About 30 ml carbon dioxide permeates the skin per minute for every 1 m2 of body surface area, in a bath of at least 90% gas concentration, 90% humidity and 30 0C temperature.

Vessels in the skin dilate; the capillary and plexus sub papillary circulation intensifies; arteriolae dilate; preformed collaterals (side branches of blood vessels) open up, and the speed of blood flow increases.

While these changes can be seen in microscope examinations, the increased blood flow to the tissues willalso be seen and felt by the patient. Skin temperature increases and secretions from sweat glands intensify.

The procedure takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on each person’s need.

For more informaiotn on the CO2 Dry Spa visit:  www.co2dryspa.com


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