Next-level fitness: Digital, fully electronic, and connected exercise equipment

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Boring and monotonous training on conventional training machines is now a thing of the past. Say goodbye to poor posture and problems using the equipment, and say hello to noticeable results. The connected gym with fully electronic exercise equipment is already here. And digital fitness apparatus with chip access and apps are more than just marketing fluff – they’re the start of a fitness-based revolution.

It’s a revolution that’s transforming machine-based strength training into an essential element of any gym or fitness studio setup. Sophisticated technology, a strong focus on health and results, and carefully considered scientific evidence – this is what goes into eGym’s market-leading state-of-the-art weight training equipment. Designed for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and results-driven athletes of all kinds – united by their desire to achieve more while at the same time having more fun training on equipment at the gym.

Simple and easy-to-use: Touch-screen training machines

All eGym strength training equipment features a large touch-screen display. This ensures all the vital information on your training session is always at your fingertips. The machine is operated directly via the display. In just a few clicks, you can select your training program or adjust your training weight. With the easy-to-follow display and eGym curve, you will be seamlessly guided through your training – ensuring you can basically do nothing wrong. The machine shows you exactly what you need to do: The live feedback on the display panel monitors all the key aspects of your training. This high level of interaction makes it easy for you to monitor your training and stay on track.

Innovative and intelligent: Fitness equipment with intuitive software control

The innovative training software means your training on eGym fitness equipment is supported by serious findings by sports scientists. Regular software updates ensure your training will continue to be adapted to the latest scientific findings – both now and in the future. The machines automatically select the right training weight for you by calculating your one-rep max. This ensures consistently effective muscle stimulation that reliably adapts to your training progress – allowing you to achieve optimal results. The software automatically adjusts training parameters, such as weight or the number of repetitions, to ensure you’ll achieve your targets. Automatic periodization enhances performance by applying different training methods.

Entertaining and motivational: Exercise equipment with integrated gamification elements

We believe modern gym training equipment should be more than just effective and good for you. That’s why we’ve designed our training machines to be fun to use. We’ve integrated gamification elements, meaning we’ve combined the training support with game-like elements such as collecting points as you progress along the eGym training curve, which rewards you for having the right range of motionand speed as you use the machines. This helps you to maintain concentration on the exercise you’re doing and add a little motivation to your entire workout. It also helps to improve your motion control.

Professional and effective: Gym equipment based on state-of-the-art technology

Our fully electronic fitness machines boast well-designed features that add variety to your workout while increasing the effectiveness of your training. As an example, the integrated electric motor enables dynamic adjustment of training resistance for various training activities for more effective and varied training at optimum performance, e.g. isokinetic training to dramatically increase strength. eGym training machines have adjustable joints, ensuring your workouts are both ergonomically and orthopedically correct.  Training resistance that adjusts depending on the user’s joint angle allows training in a larger range of motion and supports optimal muscle utilization.

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