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In a bid to create a clear route to market for personal trainer graduates and to provide seamless access to quality Continual Professional Development, Premier Global NASM has partnered with Pure Gym, the UK’s largest gym chain and recruiter of fitness professionals.

“Pure Gym currently engages more than 2,300 personal trainers across our 230 sites,” explains, Rebecca Passmore, COO at PureGym at Pure Gym. “Over the next five years, we plan to grow our portfolio to more than 500 sites, creating a huge challenge to attract and retain large numbers of job ready fitness professionals. We have partnered with Premier Global NASM to create a supply chain of fit for purpose personal trainers, ready and able to serve our 1,000,000 plus members.

As part of the partnership, Premier Global NASM will actively market to Pure Gym members. Passmore, adds: “More than 40 per cent of the personal trainers working on our gym floors are past Pure Gym members. Through this new partnership, we provide a clear access route for members to qualify as personal trainers, becoming educated in Premier Global NASM’s globally acclaimed Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model. Once qualified, these individuals can then re-engage with our brand as a member of our fitness team.”

The strategic partnership is also supported by insights gained from a recent YouGov survey, commissioned by Premier Global NASM, which reports more than 5 million adults have expressed an interest in entering the UK fitness industry in the next two years. The survey also highlights the need for flexible learning, with 50 per cent of those expressing an interest admitting a need to fit study around existing work and family commitments.

“The YouGov findings are encouraging,” states Brad Tucker, Vice President and General Manager – International Fitness, Premier Global NASM. “There is a significant appetite amongst the work-aged population to enter our sector, provided we can create the right study environment. The Premier Global NASM Level 3, Personal Training qualification is based on our flexible online distance learning model enabling students to earn whilst they learn.

“The 2019 State of The Fitness Industry Report by The Leisure Database Company also reports year on year sector growth in terms of number of facilities (plus 7,200), membership (plus 10,000,000) and economic value (£5 billion). This growth is only sustainable if we can continue to attract and retain professional talent to our workforce.”

The partnership offers Pure Gym personal trainers exclusive discounts on Premier Global NASM’s portfolio of CPD courses to encourage continued learning and education.

Jason Hussain, Employer Engagement Manager at premier Global NASM, says: “Our CPD provision is constantly reviewed to ensure we educate trainers in topics relevant to the evolving market. For example, this month (June, 10) sees the launch of our Level 2 qualification in Mental Health Awareness, accredited by Active IQ.

“According to the World Health Organisation, 1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental health disorder at some point in their life, therefore fitness professionals are likely to encounter individuals seeking support in this area.  Our CPD course explores how to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems whilst teaching methods to manage and improve mental wellbeing through exercise and effective listening.”

Pure Gym trainers will also be encouraged to attend live OPT™ workshops hosted by various Pure Gym sites around the UK where Premier Global NASM tutors will conduct practical hands-on sessions, based on the principles of NASM’s world renowned OPT™ training model.

Hussain, concludes: “Attracting and retaining quality fitness professionals continue to challenge the sector. There is a danger that, unless we can find a sector wide solution, future industry growth may be inhibited. Premier Global NASM welcomes any opportunity to collaborate with operators keen to work in partnership to tackle this issue.”

The Pure Gym and Premier Global NASM partnership launched on July 15.

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