HUR announces new Power and Range of Motion functions.

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SportsMed Products in partnership with HUR recently launched its newest range of Hi-5 strength training equipment complete with a larger user-friendly screen and SmartTouch interface, WIFI connectivity and the possibility of future add-ons.

HUR Strength Training

HUR uses pneumatic technology and enables increases in weight at very small increments making the equipment suitable for all ages, abilities and also as a form of rehabilitation.

HUR machines function through a resistance method that employs a naturaltransmission of power, Natural TransmissionTM, which simulates the naturalfunction/movement of your muscles. Using pneumatic technology and lever arms,resistance is adjusted in accordance with your muscles’ natural generation ofmuscular forces.

Isometric Maximal Strength Testing

All HUR machines work muscles in both concentric and eccentric phases. Our HUR machines are compatible with simple to use, quick to set up isometric maximum strength testing. The performance recorder used is a portable general-purpose strength measuring device. With an accurate industrial grade strength sensor (0- 500kg) and technology to enable you to record values at 100 times a second, it

is easy to connect to HUR strength training machines!

HUR’s equipment includes large ranges of upper and lower body and dual functionmachines creating space saving solutions. With both premium lines and easy access lines for wheelchair accessibility, HUR is suitable for all clients. They even do balance and jump testing equipment!


HUR equipment can come complete with a computerised automated training system, HUR SmartTouch, which allows for evidence-based, smart and more independent exercise and rehabilitation.

The System includes the following:

  • HUR Strength training and testing equipment
  • HUR Balance testing and training equipment
  • HUR FreeTrainer with registration of equipment – free exercises
  • Compatible with selected cardio equipment and other third-party solutions
  • Automated benchmarking and reporting capabilities.
  • Optional online training and rehabilitation protocols
  • Remote viewing to track utilisation and efficiency.

    We are proud to announce the newest add-on is available – Power Target and Range of Motion, available on the SmartTouch range.

    Power Target

    SmartTouch enabled machines can be pre-programmed with an individual’s power target. Theuser interface displays vertical bars which demonstrate the peak power of each repetition, while a horizontal line represents the power target. The power target is automatically updated based on previous training sessions. Motivate users to performtheir training correctly and improve individuals’ musclestrength with HUR SmartTouch Power Target.

    Range of Motion

    HUR SmartTouch enabled machines provide range of motion which help determine where the user’sindividual movement starts and ends.

    Effective workouts for Individuals

    With the Range of Motion feature users are guided to
    train in the correct area of the range of motion. Our
    intelligent technology demonstrates the user’s unique
    range of motion which is defined together with the
    trainer. Range of Motion feature motivates user to
    perform the full movement in order to maximize the training benefit of each repetition.

Did you know HUR have extensive research and medical concepts? Find out more today by contacting or visiting our website

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