FunXtion launch Online Coaching; helping PT’s work effectively, efficiently and increase client contact time

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FunXtion, experts in digital interactive fitness, have introduced their new Online Coaching Tool, an advanced platform with high quality content to help personal trainers work more efficiently and effectively, increasing their contact time with clients. Content can be tailored and adapted to members, helping them reach their goals and receive coaching that fits in with their busy lifestyles.

Ernst De Neef, FunXtion CEO, comments: “In this modern world, where connectivity is king, being able to stay in contact with your members 24/7 and not limit yourself to just the four walls of the gym, is a necessity and no longer an option.

With this tool, clubs can now deliver a superior service by providing more efficiency at a lower cost. Clients across all demographics are living busier lifestyles, but are more demanding when it comes to their exercise experience. They want professional, personal support that is affordable, results-focused and delivered digitally at their fingertips. This tool provides an additional revenue stream, added value and is a strong retention tool.”

The platform provides a ‘chat’ option allowing for 24/7 connectivity to all members, a training plan editor, so your team can manage, edit and add training plans through an easy-to-use interface, sharing these to either individual members or to groups and a database of nutritional recipes.

Trainers can monitor clients progress through the platform, enhance training plans to ensure progression and identify when members may need a little extra support and intervention to keep them motivated, helping at every stage of the member journey.

Ernst continues: “The level of individualised content that the trainer can provide the member with, through this online tool, provides the member with a more advanced effective customer journey. They receive knowledge, advice and content that feels personalised to them and helps them transform their performance.”

“We also considered the benefits to the coach in our development of the platform and have ensured an easy and efficient way for them to create training and nutrition plans and schedule them into clients calanders. 

Knowing that no one-size fits all in fitness, we have also linked this platform with our FunXtion Workout Creator tool to provide the trainers with an extensive library of exercise content that they can customise for each client or group programme.”

With the option to be white labeled and branded in company colours, this platform can act as an extra revenue stream for all clubs, budget through to premium, with products included as an up-sell option and overall, the ability for the personal trainers to support members for efficiently acts as an effective retention tool. 

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