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With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, 180 Wattbikes have been purchased, placing bikes at all tournament training venues and stadiums. The Wattbike is an accurate power-based training tool and the go-to conditioning tool for elite rugby teams around the world. Suitable for all players, regardless of position, the Wattbikes will play an important role in keeping the teams fit, aid recovery, as well as sustain performance throughout the tournament.

Graham Rowntree, former England player and forwards coach, now forwards coach for Georgia, explains: “The Wattbike is such an important fitness tool and an essential one for us to have access to during the tournament. I believe that for elite players, it is one of the most influential pieces of training equipment out there. Rugby is all about repeat power outputs, and being able to hold that intensity right through to the last minutes of the game, and the most effective way of training for this is using the Wattbike.”

Depending on the specific demands of the players’ role within the team, the coaches will set very different Wattbike workouts as part of their overall conditioning programme. As well as testing maximum power output, the Wattbike forms a crucial part of rugby strength and conditioning training programmes, with players using the bike for rehabilitation, recovery and key aerobic and anaerobic training.

“Being able to use Wattbikes makes a big difference to the quality of preparation every team can provide for their players,” explains Pete Atkinson, Federation Italia Rugby Head of Physical Preparation. “From warm-ups, priming sessions, non-impact speed work and overall load and fitness management, the Wattbike is an essential tool for us.”

Paul Stridgeon, Wales Rugby Head of Performance, adds: “For us to have access to Wattbikes at all our training and playing venues is fantastic for our preparation. We use Wattbikes extensively at our National Centre of Excellence and always take them with us when we travel as a team.”

The Wattbike also plays a key role in helping injured players to continue with cardiovascular work, taking advantage of the non-load bearing sessions available with indoor cycling.

On the topic of off-feet conditioning, Richard Baker, Wattbike CEO adds: “Off-feet conditioning involves any training where the body is not loaded through the feet. Using the Wattbike for this increases player longevity, improves conditioning, prevents injuries and maximises performance. That is why the Wattbike has become the gold standard training tool for elite rugby teams around the world.”

For more information on how the Wattbike could transform your training, visit www.wattbike.com

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