EMS Training: Fitness Technology with Huge Potential

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According to the latest projections from LeisureDB, the UK health and fitness industry is continuing to strengthen, showcasing a market value of just under £5 billion. Despite this, just 1 in 7 UK citizens belong to a gym. Evidently, the opportunity to get more people exercising is huge. But how can you appeal to the inactive population and stand out from the competition? 

By no means an easy feat, the key to reaching the untapped fitness market is by providing an innovative, unique service – something prospective clients can’t get anywhere else.  Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training presents a great opportunity to do just that. 

Already huge in Germany, training with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is gaining significant traction in the UK. Forward-thinking PTs are seeing rapid success with EMS, discovering opportunities to attract a completely new client base and significantly increase their earning potential. 

What is EMS training?

EMS is a scientifically proven training method which has been used for decades globally in medical and rehabilitation fields. Massive in Germany and other European markets, with more than 250,000 sessions taking place per week, EMS training is growing in the UK as a toning, strengthening and fitness tool. miha bodytec is the leading manufacturer of EMS training equipment, guaranteeing visible and measurable results through safe and effective training.

Combining a ‘free will contraction’ through an exercise, and an external stimulus from an EMS device, individuals activate more muscle fibres (up to 98%) than they would otherwise engage through more conventional training methods (normally only 60%). In just 20-minute sessions once per week, EMS elicits results such as muscular definition and weight loss, improved strength and power output and cardiovascular efficiency. 

Who is EMS training for?

EMS Training is extremely versatile making it a perfect form of fitness for virtually anyone. 

  • Gym-shy or Time-poor: EMS appeals to those who don’t like the typical gym environment. Sessions are conducted one-on-one or one-on-two, so the personal aspect is great for those who find the gym floor or group exercise studio intimidating. One 20-minute session once per week is all that’s required for people to see results. For that reason, it’s also a great option for busy professionals who can’t make time for the gym.
  • Active-Ageing: EMS suits sedentary individuals, older clientele, those with chronic backpain or individuals undergoing rehab. The low-impact workout is accessible, completely safe and scientifically proven to reduce sarcopenia. Individuals work at increasing intensities, without load, targeting hard-to-reach muscles and building strength to help reintegrate more conventional exercises into a training plan over time.
  • Athletic Performance: EMS is a great tool for recreational or elite athletes looking to gain an edge in their training. Many athletes like Usain Bolt and Rafael Nadal have used EMS training to bring them into top form. Studies with such athletes prove that EMS can improve speed, maximal strength and jumping power. Whether the sport of choice is tennis, triathlon, running or football, EMS training is effective for improving performance. 

“The market potential for EMS training is vast,” says Phil Horton, Country Director for the UK at miha bodytec. “EMS is great for body sculpting, for athletes looking to get that extra edge, or for people recovering from injuries as a form of rehab. It can also be a great way to tap into an entirely new market – previously inactive individuals who don’t like a typical gym environment. The proven model provides fast ROI, which in turn, provides the opportunity for rapid expansion.” 

Toned in Twenty

James Seilo has seen great success with his mobile EMS PT service, Toned in Twenty. 

James’ business model makes training as easy, accessible and efficient as possible. He travels to 30-35 clients’ homes a week, conducting bespoke EMS workouts using the miha bodytec equipment. He was able to see a full return on his initial investment in the technology in just 14 months. 

James Seilo comments; “We live in a world where people want results, but don’t always have the time or dedication to commit to achieving them. Toned in Twenty’s approach is all about bringing simplicity to people, helping them to reach their goals as efficiently as possible. EMS training is the perfect technology for this and I have seen a wealth of success with a number of clients, due to the bespoke service we offer. I am excited about the prospect of the growing EMS market and continuing to expand the business further.”

It’s time to stand out

The retention rate for EMS is remarkably high – more than 85%. Backed by years of scientific research, coupled with irrefutable results, clients are quick to hand over their money when the see the results of this specialised form of training. With so many different applications, the opportunity to attract new clients with EMS is vast, and with the market expanding rapidly in the UK, there’s never been a better time to get on board.

For more information, to speak to the miha bodytec team or for a free EMS trial, visit https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/  www.be-a-first-mover.com 

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