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The Auster System reimagines functional training, bringing hundreds more exercises and training modalities to the gym floor.  Auster combines dynamic resistance training and gymnastic exercises with traditional suspension training thanks to its clever anchor design and high quality, innovative attachments. 

“As the manufacturer of TRX for more than 10 years I wanted to create equipment that surpasses user expectations, in both aesthetic and experience.  The Auster System is an unlimited functional training tool combining some of the most exciting fitness disciplines popular today.  Auster is a brand with innovation at its core.” Andrew Siu, Auster CEO.  


The Auster System is easy to use.  The patented dual-carabiner on the Auster Anchor allows different attachments to be clipped and unclipped with ease. Choose from Power Straps, Dynamic Bands and Power Rings, or combine attachments for even more exercise options.

Power Straps 

Auster Power Straps are the strongest on the market.  Rated to 550kg, they have also successfully towed a 4 tonne lorry! The premium look and feel and the ease of adjustment are a hit with users, while the innovative design sees the foot strap hidden in the handle of the Power Straps.  

Dynamic Bands 

Auster Dynamic Bands bring a huge range of dynamic resistance exercises to the gym floor. They also allow any exercise to be progressed or regressed with ease.   An inbuilt safety feature means the Dynamic Bands are never pulled passed full extension. The Dynamic Bands can be combined with the Power Straps to create even more workout options and come in four strengths from light to extra-heavy. 

Power Rings

Auster’s gymnastic grade Power Rings have a smooth and premium feel. They are the first on the market with the strap fixed to ring (patent pending) improving workout experience and safety.  Rings allow members to take training intensity up a gear, helping to develop pull ups and dips and increase workout options. 

Available in 10 bright and beautiful colours, Auster looks great in any fitness facility, no matter the colour scheme.  All carabiners and adjustors are made from aerospace-grade aluminium which means no rust or discolouration.  

Visit or download the free AusterFit app from the App Store or Google Play to learn more. 

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