Health 2.0: Personal Health Profiles to Shape a Risk-reduced Lifestyle

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Chain of clinics throughout UK offer screening for the risk of stroke; heart disease; diabetes; kidney, lung and liver disease

Screening includes advice from medical professionals about how to minimise risk of these diseases

A CHAIN of clinics throughout the UK is offering next generation healthcare in the form of a test that identifies individuals’ risk factors for contracting serious diseases and provides advice about how to minimise this – for as little as £269. 

Bluecrest Health Screening is Care Quality Commission registered and provides affordable health checks at both its clinic in the Harley Street district and 2,000 mobile clinics around the UK.







The Complete Screening Package, offered to customers at £269, assesses risk factors for life-threatening conditions including a stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.

The health check, which can easily fit into a lunch break at just 30 minutes long, also assesses the function of vital organs, which can help identify the risk of other serious diseases including lung function, liver, kidney and heart disease.  The comprehensive personalised Health Report, which is created once all results have been processed, arms individuals with useful advice and lifestyle change recommendations they may wish to make in order to reduce risks.

Traditionally these types of tests have only been available on the NHS to those aged 40 and above – or if displaying symptoms – or double the cost via private health providers.

The Complete test from Bluecrest provides an accurate and comprehensive overview of health, in stark contrast to many at home tests which test for one disease, can be difficult to administer, and don’t usually include expert consultation or follow up advice.

The health check includes:

  • A body composition scan
  • Cholesterol and diabetes check
  • Heart disease and stroke risk
  • Blood and blood pressure test
  • Peripheral arterial disease test
  • Full blood count, including white blood cells, red blood cells and platelet count
  • Kidney and liver function check
  • lung function check for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Protein and iron levels
  • ECG test for heart rhythm abnormalities

A follow-up consultation with a qualified GP, via telephone or webcam, is provided afterwards, alongside a Personal Results Report, to put the results into context and provide tailored advice about what individuals can do to improve their health and reduce their risks of contracting the diseases it screens for.

Peter Blencowe, managing director at Bluecrest Health Screening, said: “This kind of screening empowers people with the knowledge to be able to make positive lifestyle changes and help reduce their risk of contracting serious diseases.

“This kind of in-depth knowledge about personal health is so powerful, but traditionally it’s only either been available to those who are experiencing symptoms, have a family history of certain conditions, or a privileged few who can afford to pay more than double the price at private hospitals. Our aim is to give individuals the information they need to properly understand – and minimise – their risks of getting ill in the first place.”

“People are increasingly occupied with their health – running marathons, or training in the gym, and quite often this is motivated by a desire to ward off illness later in life. But how much more effective would this be if it was done alongside information from a medical professional, based on their biology?”

Bluecrest Health Screening provides affordable and convenient health screenings to both private individuals and corporates across the UK and Ireland.

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