The Science Behind World Kindness Day

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Research bodies, including Greg Braden’s Missing Links and his explanation of MODULATION OF DNA CONFORMATION (Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. Mike Atkinson, and Dana Tomasino, B.A ,1993), have inspired us to think about the science behind how DNA is directly affected and physically transformed by human emotion.

“The human DNA was isolated and in the presence of human emotions, the DNA began to relax and it relaxed so much that it began to unwind itself. The two coils began to unwind, as if the DNA was about to replicate itself and produce a new strand of DNA. In the presence of positive human emotion (gratitude, appreciation, care) the DNA was responding as if it was about to reproduce itself in a new, vitalizes healed state.” – Gregg Braden.

 “in the presence of negative emotions, such as anger jealously and rage, the DNA was tightened like a little knot. It coiled up very tightly and this is telling the scientists something, that we have never seen demonstrated under laboratory conditions before, that we could actually see that human emotion, (intentionally created by those trained to create very specific kinds and very specific qualities of human emotion) changed the shape of the DNA. It changed the ability of the DNA.” – Greg Braden

These are the facts of kindness.

This is can be your act of kindness:

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