Ten Health and Fitness Launches Pre & Postnatal Pilates Courses

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Ten Health and Fitness Launches First REPS & CIMSPA accredited Pre and Postnatal Dynamic Reformer Pilates course

Ten Health and Fitness, pioneers of Dynamic Reformer Pilates, and leading London boutique fitness operator, has launched its very own pre and postnatal Dynamic Reformer Pilates course. The latest edition to Ten Education, Ten’s professional teacher-training arm, the CPD is the first REPS and CIMPSA accredited course of its kind on the market.

The CPD will enable trainers to gain an understanding of how each trimester affects the anatomy and physiology of the female body and how to promote safe and healthy activity within these stages of pregnancy. It will offer insight into the difficulties that the female clients may encounter and how to combat particular issues, such as how environmental differences can influence the outcome of the session – ie, room temperature, lighting, hydration and time of session.

This course is delivered over 2 days. The first will cover the learning content, while the second covers both theory and practical assessment. It is aimed at Mat or Equipment Pilates teachers (level 3 or above), physiotherapists, women’s health specialists and kinesiologists.

“Female clients are often eager to keep with their fitness regimes throughout pregnancy, as well as looking to get back to it during the postnatal phase. Despite that, exercise can be daunting and physically demanding on the body, and instructors need to be well equipped to advise clients according to their needs,” says Neil Dimmock, Director of Fitness & Education at Ten Health and Fitness. “As the first and only REPs and CIMPSA accredited course on the market, our CPD will ensure instructors are well versed in providing exercise modifications and able to offer an understanding of their needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout a class.”

About Ten Health & Fitness 

The professional training arm of Ten Health & Fitness, TenEducation offers REPs- and CIMSPA- accredited courses to Pilates instructors, Physiotherapists, fitness, exercise and rehab professionals. Courses are taught by Ten Master Trainers and/or Tutors – some of the most respected, experienced and qualified Trainers in the industry and all with a wealth of practical experience with clients of all ages, levels and capabilities.

Ten Health & Fitness is the result of a happy accident – quite literally. Founder Joanne Mathews was inspired to create Ten following a serious car accident that left her with back and pelvic injuries. The challenges she faced during her recovery revealed a potential gap in the market for an integrated end-to-end service combining fitness with rehabilitation.

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