Have You Tried Protein Water?

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All water is the same right? We thought the same, but protein water is set to be the new trend for 2020! With a mix of protein powder and water, it is rich in protein but with lower calories.

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New hydration+ is an all natural, low calorie sparkling water with plant-based protein/amino acids and electrolytes for extra hydration and functional health benefits.

Award-winning Rejuvenation Water is an exciting new range of plant-based
protein/amino acid and electrolytes enriched sparkling waters. Containing botanical extracts, there are three exciting on-trend flavours in the new hydration+ range: Cherry & Cranberry; Tropical; Lime & Lemon – all available in fully recyclable 250ml slimline cans. The drinks are all natural, low calorie (50 kcal or less), low sugar and vegan. RRP £1.39.


The unique formulation contained in the Rejuvenation Water hydration+ sparkling waters not only provide extra hydration from the electrolytes, but functional benefits too from the protein/amino acids which help to fuel the immune system, aid protein absorption and promote healthy cognitive function.

Whether it’s consumed on its own as a delicious alternative to sugary soft drinks, used as a healthier alternative mixer with spirits or combined in a delicious cocktail or mocktail, the possibilities are limitless. In-fact with dehydration, lowered blood sugar levels and inhibition of amino acids being the main side effects of alcohol consumption, Rejuvenation Water hydration+ range really is the perfect adult soft drink to have on a night out or a big night in.

Available UK wide from Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Ocado.

Visit: RejuvenationWater.co.uk
Twitter @RejuvenationWtr
Instagram @Rejuvenationwater

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