DNAfit Health Test – Review

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Our health test journey began with DNAfit – a health test aimed to provide consumers with results on nutrition, intolerances, exercise, stress and many more.


I was very lucky enough to begin my journey by receiving a health kit, which would show my Fitness Genetics, Nutrition Genetics and a Stress Report. The kit arrived very quickly, and I was excited to open it up and see what was inside straight away. First of all, I loved the outside packaging the kit came in. It looked like a Christmas present wrapped up in a green metallic parcel! Once opened, inside was the kit titled ‘Pro Fit’.

Inside the box,  it contained an information booklet with instructions, the mouth swab and new packaging which I would then place my completed swab in and send back off to the lab (which you did not need to buy a stamp for). The particular Pro Fit health kit that I received is normally used by fitness professionals. So if you are personal trainer or nutritionalist the ‘Pro Fit’ kit by DNAfit is the best one for you.

Once I posted off the kit with my mouth swab included, I then had to go back on the website and activate my kit. You do this by typing in your serial number on your main packaging box or it is included inside. In all, it took 7-10 days to receive my results. But once I did receive them I was certainly not disappointed. I had so many results just from one swab from my mouth – it was incredible!


I received a generic report by downloading an infographic which had all basic information on about my gene type and whether I had a low-high sensitivity to the individual health factors. It then had separate reports for my fitness, nutrition and stress which contained a more in-depth explanation stating my gene types, what I need to do to improve on for my health and fitness including the types of exercise to take-part in and the types of nutrients and vitamins I need to consume.

A day after I received my results, I had an email come through stating I could arrange a consultation with a UK athlete, Tom Lancashire which would include him going over my results in more detail and to go over any questions or queries. I scheduled this phone-call for Monday 9th December. He was precisely on time, and the call lasted just over an hour. Therefore, that gave him plenty of time to go over my stress/sleep, nutrition and fitness reports.

Overall, I was exceedingly happy with my experience with DNAfit. I discovered factors about my health that I never would have found out about. In such a simple process (no blood taken), I could find out results which have really benefited me and motivated me to start getting healthier within the new year – it was definitely the boost I needed. And the consultation with athlete Tom Lancashire really did complete the process on a high-note.


Pro Fit + DNAfit Academy Bundle



Not only can personal trainers/fitness professionals receive the Pro Fit test, but DNAFit are also offering consumers the Pro Fit + DNAfit Academy Bundle

Within this bundle personal trainers and fitness professionals have the opportunity to become a DNAfit reseller of the Pro Fit health tests so that you can provide a personalised experience to your individual clients. However, mandatory training will have to be taken prior to the selling.



This bundle applies to experienced trainers, newly qualified trainers, endurance coaches and multi-disciplined coaches. Within this bundle, you can expect:

  1. Diet Insights
  2. Nutrient Insights
  3. Fitness Insights
  4. Obesity Insights
  5. Bone Mineral Density Insights
  6. Online Training
  7. Meal & Training Plans
  8. Stress & Sleep Insights

You can also download the DNAfit for Person Trainers Information Pack.



For more information, and to begin your DNAfit journey today click here 

Article By Niamh Dunn – Feature Editor of PT Today 

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