Sustainable Clothing: Positive for You & The Planet

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The team at BAM Bamboo Clothing have told us about how they ensure their products are sustainably produced to positively impact the planet, and your training. 


Tracking the Roots

Merryn, BAM’s sustainability expert, has researched and visited each tier of the process, right back to the source of the bamboo. Most brands don’t go past the fabric production stage. We will go beyond. We want our impact positive journey to affect our entire supply chain. 


1. Bamboo Forest 

Merryn started with a visit to one of the sustainably managed bamboo forests in China’s Chongquing Province. The naturally occurring forests contain steep slopes which bamboo can comfortably grow on, maximising an otherwise unusable area. It grows naturally and super-fast, with yields of up to 10 x higher than cotton for the same area without the need for pesticides.



2. Pulp Production 

The next step is turning the harvested bamboo into dried pulp which will
then be sold onto the fibre producers. Very little is understood in the wider clothing industry about the processes involved this deep into the supply chain. The factory Merryn visited shares our environmental values, having invested heavily in waste-treatment technology. We now have the knowledge and transparency we need to make our impact positive ambition both possible and really meaningful. 

This incredible crop absorbs five times more CO2 and releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of hardwood trees.

Here’s Merryn being shown around the Bamboo forest by Jinchen from the pulp production factory.


3. Fibre Production

Our biggest concern has always been the rumours about the management of the chemicals required to make bamboo pulp into bamboo viscose fibre. We knew we had to find out the truth for ourselves. As we’d hoped, we found that our producers were taking their environmental responsibility seriously and working within safe limits. Beyond our expectations, one had not only invested millions of dollars in waste-treatment but was committed to becoming a world-leader in sustainable viscose production. 


4. Clothing Factory

Once the fibres have been knitted into fabric they are sold
to one of our garment suppliers in China or Turkey. We’ve purposefully chosen to work with suppliers who share our values about treating people and the planet respectfully. We try to keep our supply base small and make the effort to build strong relationships and long-term partnerships with them. We speak to them daily and visit in person as regularly as possible. 

We believe the best way to know what’s going on in your supply chain is to see it for yourself. 


The Technical Functionality of Sustainable Activewear for Training

This season’s Enduro bamboo leggings from BAM are the ultimate combination of performance, flattery and comfort.

Created from the world’s most sustainable crop, they are the perfect natural alternative to synthetic designs. Enduro is a high quality, supersoft, breathable bamboo jersey that’s loaded with performance- boosting features. A four way stretch delivers both figure-sculpting support and an unsurpassed freedom of movement, whilst the guaranteed opaque finish provides confidence during even the deepest squat. Carefully considered design details make all the difference, including flatlock seaming for a sleeker, chafe-free fit and a wide waistband for tummy- taming. A discreet pocket provides a practical finishing touch.


Key Benefits of Bamboo 

SUPERSOFT: Nothing feels so good next to your skin.

3 TIMES MORE ABSORBENT THAN COTTON: Keeps you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable.

THE WORLD’S MOST SUSTAINABLE CROP: Superfast growing, requiring limited water and pesticides.


Note from the founder, David Gordon:

Welcome to BAM’s new season collection of superset bamboo clothing, inspired by the great outdoors. There are designs to support you whilst you build strength and stamina, become more agile, enhance your wellbeing – to help you to live your adventurous life. 

When I began BAM thirteen years ago my motivation was to prove that there’s a different way of doing business – to build a successful company whilst doing the right thing environmentally and ethically. As the most sustainable crop on the planet, bamboo was a great starting point and ticks all the boxes. Three times more absorbent than cotton and a natural alternative to synthetic performance clothing, it is ultimately just supremely comfortable to wear. And our strong, ever-growing following of dynamic yet discerning individuals obviously agree. 

Looking to the future, our aim is to become impact positive: it isn’t enough to just reduce negative impact. We want to ensure we are making real changes. We are working hard with specialists in the field and we have begun by tracing each tier of our supply chain, right back to where the bamboo is grown. It’s a bold ambition so bear with us. 

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