How To Combat Loneliness: Tips

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London’s Leading Life Coach, Malminder Gill offers five tips on how to combat loneliness and help others

If you’ve never felt lonely, consider yourself fortunate; maybe this year, we could all keep an eye out for those who are struggling. Here are some tips to help yourself, and each other…

1. Think about what makes you feel lonely – Is it that you have no one to talk to, you’re not getting invited to social gatherings, you have no one to care for or you feel no one cares for you.  Loneliness shows up in different ways for different people, so recognising clearly what makes you feel lonely is the first step to addressing it.

2. Look for companionship and social events that make you feel good, even if it’s just a movie night on the sofa.

3. Be vocal about it. What can you can do to prevent/manage that feeling of loneliness – rather than depending or relying on others to ‘show up’ for you, what can you really do about it?  For instance, perhaps letting others know that you feel lonely sometimes when xyz happens.  We can’t just assume that others can read our minds.


4. What are you doing about helping other people who might be feeling lonely?  Loneliness usually encourages a withdrawal into self.  Get out there and start checking in on others. Consider volunteering or calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.


5. It can be tempting to slow down or entirely stop exercising over the festive season. Going for a run or a yoga class will remind you that you are doing something for YOU – your body and your own mental wellbeing. Try taking a friend along with you, they will thank you for it!

About Malminder Gill:

An award-winning Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, accomplished Author and Speaker, Malminder Gill helps clients re-invent themselves.  From finding love and getting through a break-up to overcoming anxiety, losing weight and changing thought patterns, Gill has a 100% success rate in more than solving problems – she offers radical change from within.  Boasting an impressive clientele that includes royalty, celebrities and CEO’S, Malminder has been changing lives for more than a decade.


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