PT Today’s Visit to easyGym in Camberwell – London

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In December 2019, myself and my colleague Rebecca were invited down to Camberwell in London to see the new franchise of easyGym.

easyGym are a global and low-cost, big-box gym franchise network. They currently operate in 6 countries and their rapid growth is built on a strong global brand.

They currently have franchises and corporate gyms over the United Kingdom. However, easyGym are planning on locating to more areas within the UK very soon. There are also franchise locations around the world – see more on locations here

As part of PT Today, it is in our ability to discover new gyms and access for fitness professionals, fitness consumers and especially personal trainers around different locations – in order to help them improve on their business, clientele and general fitness goals. Hence why, when we discovered easyGym, we were keen to get on the train to London to explore for ourselves.

Apart from the usual obstacles you face within London’s transport system, we had a very informative and beneficial trip in Camberwell. After arriving, the easyGym was located on the main high-street, and was very clear to see with the chosen brand colours placed on the front of the building. Once inside, you walk upstairs to where the gym is located and we were greeted by Laurie Stone who introduced us to easyGym, as well as Hemal Gill who runs the Camberwell franchise with her husband.

We had usual introductions and then Hemal took us on a tour of the gym. The first impressions we received from walking around this gym was that it was very relaxed and everyone seemed to be working at their own pace without any pressure from other gym-goers. Hemal was very informative, and she seemed like she was very passionate about her own franchise and what she wanted to achieve from running this particular gym.

Booty Builder

Hemal on the Booty Builder

One of the main reasons we wanted to go to this particular easyGym franchise was that it contained a piece of equipment called the ‘Booty Builder’ – which as we discovered, is a small, yet effective machine, which is designed to improve your ‘hip thrust’ workout but with more results and more support.

The ‘Booty Builder’ is only available in a few gyms throughout the United Kingdom so is a very unique and special piece of equipment which really is effective. With this equipment, you get in the same position as you would a normal hip-thrust, but instead you can add whatever weight required, strap yourself in, lift your legs up on the plate, and start thrusting. This piece of equipment does not only provide more results, but it is also brilliant for helping support your back, and help with any back pain.

There is definitely a large gap in the market for this piece of equipment, so if hip thrusts are a big part of your workout, and you are located relatively close to Camberwell, it would definitely be worth changing gyms and making use of that equipment.


Another facility easyGym franchises provides for their gym consumers is ‘PACK45’. This is a group training plan, which allows you to take part in workouts which are very specific to your needs and requirements. Included are seven individual workouts, see more on them here. The best part about PACK45 which makes it more individual to general gym fitness glasses, is that you have an elite personal trainer who will motivate you all the way through, you get plenty of open space and because the classes can be so large, everyone motivates each other to get the best out of your workout.

easyGym Camberwell had an overall positive atmosphere. Owner Hemal stated she wants everyone to feel included when they come to her gym. Especially women who want to be able to feel confident when weight-lifting. There are too many gyms currently where women feel they cannot go over to the cages, or take part in weight-lifting workouts. Hemal wants to change this perception and make everyone feel welcome.

“It is all about promoting the community but taking things seriously. Reinvent yourself and challenge yourself” – Hemal Gill

We also had the opportunity to speak to the Club Manager of easyGym Camberwell – Roberto Abrantes who also explained why he loves working in this particular franchise. He informed us that because of the positive atmosphere within this club, if they notice any ‘bad members’ who are either taking up the equipment, are rude and are generally off-putting to other members who may feel less confident about their workouts, they will then resolve this matter as one of their main priorities.

Hemal & Roberto

“Bad members attract bad members, and that’s not what easyGym are about” – Roberto Abrantes


Overall, we had a great opportunity to experience our first ever easyGym in Camberwell. If you would like to find out more information about this franchise then visit where they currently have a great offer on! Or if you are local, just pop in  and ask them any questions on general enquires, prices, more information on the ‘Booty Builder’ or ‘PACK45’.






By Niamh Dunn – Editorial Assistant and Social Media Executive at PT Today

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