New Kit New You: SunGod Vanguards Goggles

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Leading performance optics brand reveals its latest ski and snowboard goggles, SunGod

With the Winter season kicking in, SunGod have unveiled the latest addition to its
winter range: SunGod VanguardsTM. The highly anticipated custom ski and snowboard goggles come three years since the launch of the brand’s first goggles, SunGod RevoltsTM, and will make for the perfect gift for adrenaline-seekers or performance-led skiers and snowboarders.

VanguardsTM feature a new “over-sized” cylindrical lens boasting an uninterrupted, near-180-degree field of view. The athlete-led ergonomic shape is engineered to give users full awareness of their surroundings for maximum performance; in all disciplines from freestyle to freeride.

As with all SunGod products, durability continues to lie at the heart of the design. Each frame is moulded from a unique memory polymer which when impacted/flexed, returns to its original shape.

SunGod VanguardsTM are covered by the brand’s unique Lifetime Guarantee and if broken, they can be returned for repair from anywhere in the world.

VanguardsTM can only be bought directly from SunGod, using the brand’s online designer or in the brand’s new experiential concept store “SunGod Basecamp”.

Customers can choose from three frame colours, six different lens options and ten new strap designs exclusive to the VanguardsTM. Each lens features SunGod’s signature 4KO®snow lens technology, developed and optimised to perform in a variety of conditions on the mountains. Additional frames, lenses and straps will be available to purchase separately.

SunGod has worked to build a global community of high profile snowsports ambassadors. Athletes include X-Games gold medallist and BBC presenter James “Woodsy” Woods, and Rowan Cheshire, both of whom competed at the Winter Olympics in Pyongchang last winter.

SunGod is the first British eyewear brand to sponsor winter athletes to this level of international success, and the brand is continuing as the official eyewear partner of the Freeride World Tour in 2019, a worldwide freeride skiing and snowboarding competition widely considered to showcase the pinnacle of the sport.

SunGod were kind enough to send us a pair of Vanguards goggles to try out on our skiing holidays! The colours are so brilliantly vibrant that we definitely stood out on the slopes. 

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Vanguards will be available to purchase for £110 at or in-store in Verbier.

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