Fitness Focus: 2020 Vision

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David Minton | Jan 2020 

It’s now 2020, and whilst the fitness industry continues to thrive, it must continue to innovate.


I have set out what we might see in the fitness industry next year if we can accelerate our rate of innovation. I believe that 2020 might be all about how technology impacts the fitness consumer.

Could a PT receive signals on our emotional wellbeing and behaviour traits in real-time and then tailor our daily workouts to optimise our fitness gains, no matter the state of mind? 

What do I think we could see in fitness in 2020? 

Design: Trendy and inclusive boutique studio design flowing into all fitness facilities. 

Environment: Environmental impact ensuring fitness brands promote their sustainable credentials along with their energy efficiency. 

Boomerlennials: Experiences for both Baby Boomers and Millennials merging and stopping industry ageism. 

Gamification: Gamification growing as more people reward actions and ‘share’ their activity with others all over the world. 

Empowerment: Fitness brands accelerating support to help newbies and therefore expanding the reach of the industry. 

Wellness: Fitness companies incorporating wellness into all aspects of their brand such as deep breathing, active silence and meditation. 

Fitainment: Fitness, entertainment and experiences coming together as the consumer demands ever more fitainment in their lives. 

AI: Virtual Reality, AI and machine learning enhancing and improving workout experiences. 

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