How To Aid Muscle Recovery With Vibration Training

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Global Leaders in Vibration Training Announce Power Plate Pulse, DualSphereand Roller

Providing the ideal tools for members and clients to prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker. 

Power Plate, the global leader in Whole Body Vibration Training equipment for 20 years has launched an expansion to their robust line of vibrating plates with the addition of its premium Targeted Vibration Products, including Power Plate Pulse™, Power Plate DualSphere™, and Power Plate Roller™.

Trusted by professional athletes, celebrities, health professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world, these Targeted Vibration Products are portable, easy-to-use and effective tools to assist health clubs, wellness facilities and clinics to meet the needs of their members and clients, by offering targeted therapy in the areas that need it most. 

The Power Plate Targeted Vibration Products have been designed and manufactured to assist everyone, regardless of fitness level, and in both training and recovery.  Perfect for pre-workout muscle release and post workout recovery. 

Targeted vibration therapy is known to improve circulation and address poor posture from extended sitting and computer use, making it the perfect accessory for Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning coaches, and more.

Each product possesses its own unique range of features that presents the following business benefits:

  • Provide the ultimate recovery experience by rejuvenating tight and sore muscles 
  • Accelerates warm up and recovery, saving time and significantly reducing the risk of injury
  • Enables practitioners to treat those hard to reach areas with greater accuracy 
  • Portable and easy to use so treatments can be given any time, any place, anywhere
  • Meet key therapeutic goals whilst driving new revenue streams 
  • Targeted treatment plans to meet individual needs

“For 20 years we’ve helped people drastically improve their mobility, strength and flexibility more efficiently and effectively through whole body vibration training on the Power Plate,” said Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, owners of Power Plate. “Now, we’re extending our long-standing expertise and wealth of knowledge in applying the benefits of vibration to game-changing portable Targeted Vibration Products, that will vastly improve the lives of people worldwide”

Power Plate Pulse

Powerful, yet whisper quiet, the Power Plate Pulse is a best-in-class premium handheld massager featuring four vibration intensity levels and more than four hours of battery life from a single charge. Included with more attachments than any other massager on the market, users can choose between six different attachments suited for all types of preparation and recovery needs.

Power Plate DualSphere

The Power Plate DualSphere is a premium product ideal for an effective and concentrated massage. Encompassing a unique contoured shape and an exclusive textured design, the DualSphere can effectively target those hard to reach areas. It features a massaging texture, four vibration intensity levels – including an invigorating special Oscillation Mode, USB charging and a long battery life.

Power Plate Roller 

Taking classic foam rolling to a new level, the Power Plate Roller features an exclusive textured design, four vibration intensity levels– including an invigorating special Oscillation Mode, USB charging and a long-lasting battery. 

The new line of targeted vibration products from Power Plate is available online in the US and UK at 

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