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Before online training really became a thing, many trainers found themselves managing their clients via the old school method of pen & paper.


The world of online coaching may still be a complete myth to some! That’s why we’re here to stomp out any worries with some help from Jamie Alderton – Successful online coach, Author and founder of one of the largest transformation challenges in the U.K.

Before online training really became a thing, many trainers found themselves managing their clients via the old school method of pen & paper. The elite, or at least a small percentage, were using excel spreadsheets with carefully calculated formulas, but as Jay found, this can quickly become time consuming and messy!

Boasting over 100 clients, managing client check-ins was a nightmare, for Jay this sometimes-meant spending 10+ hours alone on them.

This was the turning point, leading him to discover My PT Hub. An online fitness software aimed at helping fitness professionals manage and track their clients, all from one place.

An elevated service offered!

Within the first week, the service offered to clients started to increase and trump that of prior times using multiple spreadsheets.

As a fitness professional, the ability to scale your business whilst still delivering a premium product to clients is key. Thus, enabling you to increase your pricing and even be selective with the clients you decide to work with.

Using My PT Hub, you have the ability to create bespoke workout/nutrition plans, sell packages to clients anywhere in the world, monitor client compliance, view carefully plotted graphs showing client progress for multiple areas such as bodyweight, weight lifted for a specific exercise and so much more!

Scaling the ‘Jay8 Challenge’

If, like Jay, you often run challenges to entice new clients as a way of expanding your business, you’ll want fool proof measures in place to on-board those clients and automate as much of the process as possible. After all, time is money.

Features available in My PT Hub will do all the heavy work for you, as well as look super professional. You won’t need to add a new client, setup their payments, send a welcome message, send a welcome pack file or allocate workouts, programs and nutrition plans. It’s all done automatically and that’s not half of it! Here’s how…

Using the ‘Packages’ feature, create your challenge by giving it a name and description, write your welcome message, assign an image and if you want to, attach a promo video. Fancy! Then assign any content you’d like clients to automatically receive after purchase, including workouts, programs, nutrition plans and files. 

Here’s where you can also assign anyone who purchases this package into a Group. Once in a Group you can assign more and more content at any time to all users, as well as send a message to everyone, with just a couple clicks. Easy. 

Now set the price and availability. You decide when the package is available to purchase, how long it’s available for and if there’s a limit to the number of sales. Set the price, whether that’s a one-off fee or recurring. There’s even the option to leave the package as free.  

Congratulations, you’re now running in auto mode! Share your custom link to all of your packages, share a unique link for a specific package or send an invite to existing clients. You’ll be notified every time someone purchases a package. All that’s left to do is view your clients progress using the Results Tracker and view your balance with the Financials feature. 

Everything in one place!

There’s nothing worse than sorting through paperwork to find a client’s previous measurements to then match these up with progress photos sent via text, email, WhatsApp, or wherever they were sent. 

With My PT Hub, everything from your workouts, programs, nutrition plans, clients, messages, check in/health questionnaires, finances and more are stored safely in one place. Accessible 24/7, from anywhere, via the mobile app or web browser.

Hello 100% paperless living!

Learn from the best – Introducing ‘Masterclass’

We worked closely with Jay to bring you The My PT Hub Masterclass – comprising of 13, in-depth lessons, teaching you how to design, build and scale your personal training fitness business.

To purchase the Masterclass, simply sign up to My PT Hub through the following link and head to the ‘Marketplace’ from within your account!


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