How To Keep Vegan On Holiday

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Bringing eco-luxury and farm-to-table dining to the White Isle 

As veganism continues to rise with one person signing up to Veganuary every six seconds*, restaurants are increasingly adapting to offer plant-based options that can be beneficial both to the environment and as part of a healthy diet.

For international travellers, many city-based supermarkets carry vegan basics like soya milk and of course you’ll always be able to find fresh fruit and veggies. As veganism grows in popularity, vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up around the globe and many places that you may have thought wouldn’t be vegan-friendly might just surprise you.

Plan in advance when it comes to food 

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train, boat or bus, if food is provided on your journey, make sure you state your dietary needs when you book. Watch out for non-vegan extras such as non-vegan margarine or coffee creamer appearing with the ‘vegan meal’ – caterers sometimes don’t realise that items like sunflower margarine are not always dairy-free. If you feel let down by your travel company, then remember to file a complaint – they won’t improve their services unless pressured to do so. It’s almost always far more effective to complain to the customer services department rather than the on-board staff.

It’s a good idea to take some food or at least snacks for your journey as well as when you arrive. Some of us have been known to take ready to eat vegan sausages abroad to have a handy snack or dinner accompaniment, as well as instant noodles and powdered plant milk: handy if you’re only taking hand luggage. If you are taking hold luggage, stock up on ‘liquids’ like peanut butter and baked beans, which may be harder or more expensive to get abroad. Do some research to see whether the area you are staying at offers plant milk, too. Don’t forget to pack your supplements,
especially if you’re worried you won’t manage to maintain a varied vegan diet while travelling, as fortified products may be harder to come by.*

There are more vegan-friendly travel businesses than you might think: have an internet search for the latest travel companies around.

Leading the SLOW food movement (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wellness), Ibiza’s most sought after sister restaurants and iconic beach clubs, Amante and Aiyanna, are connecting conscious travellers with their surroundings by offering delicious menus that are both organic, locally sourced and even vegan – the perfect option for those seeking to find the healthy side of Ibiza.

With fresh produce sourced every day from its very own organic vegetable garden, Amante Ibiza, the beautiful rural restaurant perched on a cliff edge overlooking the Sol den Serra bay, is the perfect choice for a healthy and laid-back luxury moment. Modern Mediterranean dishes are freshly prepared using local culinary traditions, where ingredients are not only sustainably sourced and nutritious, but also mouth-wateringly delicious.  Highlights include organic beetroot and avocado tartar served with marinated turnip and aji dressing, or roasted aubergine served with Middle Easter bulgur crisped corn and smooth Greek Yoghurt mousse. Guests can also enjoy a selection of fresh juices and detox drinks using a combination of nourishing, superfood ingredients, such as the ‘Ibiza Sunshine’ juice where the anti-inflammatory and anti-septic carrots, apple orange and ginger act as a natural cleanser of the digestive system.

Offering an idyllic backdrop surrounded by lush greenery, with panoramic views of Ibiza’s untouched North Eastern coast, Amante Ibiza is the perfect beachside spot to connect with nature and enjoy meditation and yoga classes by day as well as fine dining and outdoor cinema nights overlooking the moonlit Mediterranean Sea by night.

At Aiyanna Ibiza, a charming sea-facing restaurant set in the Cala Nova beach bay on the Island’s North Coast, guests can indulge in quality dishes where a menu of Eastern Mediterranean recipes using ingredients grown from the restaurants own organic garden, combine with bold flavours for a modern take on healthy dining. Vegan options include a zesty mojito sorbet, chickpea and quinoa falafels over a spicy tomato sauce, and a green tabbouleh with edamame beans, lentils, apples, avocado and citric vinaigrette. What’s more, all produce is 100% organic and products are made from renewable or recycled materials.

Amante Ibiza is open from 18th April and Aiyanna Ibiza is open from the 23rd April 2020.


*Information from The Vegan Society

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