What We Did Next: Suffolk Punch Fitness Club

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The team at PT Today recently visited the Suffolk Punch Boxing Club at Grange Fitness in Ipswich to experience the mixed level boxing class.

What can we say – it was a fantastic experience! We felt at home straight away by the lovely team and also the other members of the class. It felt like we had been going for weeks already.

We were off to a great start to the fitness warm up before starting boxing, but unfortunately our team member, Niamh, sprained her ankle. Despite the pain of it, her spirits were not dampened due to the helpfulness of the GFP team which has not gone unnoticed! 

The fitness warm up included skipping, jogging, jumping jacks, hip twists, press ups and straight-leg sit ups. It was challenging for the beginners amongst us, but not so hard that we were too exhausted for the rest of the class. We then got our gloves on, and started with basic moves on the bags. After that, moving on to leg work without gloves – giving us a bit of a rest! 

Then we learnt 6 different moves using the pads and a partner. This was the most fun part for me; coordinating each move with its number got my brain and body working at the same time. We did a few rounds of that, increasing the difficulty each time. I was partnered with Rob, who is a GFP team member, and this was great fun because he motivated me to get the moves just right as well as helping me with them. This was especially helpful in my first ever boxing class. 

Keeping that in mind, the dynamic of the class meant that it was so straightforward to learn and understand. With Rob, the instructor, walking round to each person in the class, and tailoring his comments to our abilities; we really felt that personal touch. 

I left the class feeling inspired, motivated and definitely worn out!

While I was having a great time in the class, Niamh had her ankle up and had a chat with Matt Brennan, owner of Grange Fitness. Matt has been in the fitness industry for 18 years, and started out as a sports therapist – so he knows his stuff! Grange Fitness has been an established business for 6 years now, and they haven’t stopped growing.

With 75% of the members going to box, and 25% for the recreational gym; Grange Fitness are one of the only establishments that do crossfit and boxing in the UK, with there being only 3-4 all together.

This isn’t their only unique selling point – Suffolk Punch Boxing Club host 4 charity ‘crossfit-boxing’ events per year, and anyone that participates receives 12 months training at the club for free. How cool is that? The next competition is at Trinity Park in Ipswich March 7th 2020 – we can’t wait!

On top of that, they offer everyone a free first week. This is great if you are anxious to start boxing, but curious to see what it’s all about. The free first week gives you an opportunity to dip your toes into the world of crossfit-boxing, and also to meet the lovely team who will wash away your anxieties about the gym right away. 

Grange Fitness are keen to show people that they are not like other gyms by accommodating everyone without making them feel patronised or judged. Especially for anxious, overweight, females, who find it the hardest to get started with things like an exercise class. We can say from first-hand experience (as 2 unfit females who don’t like gyms) that the Suffolk Punch Boxing Club mixed class was extremely welcoming; and we couldn’t have felt more part of the group. The club works with children too, with currently 80 kids on board. Boxing helps children (and adults) with anxiety or stress; and this is something to think about if you are not sold by the fitness side of it alone. 

Book online at www.grangefitness.com

Facebook: @grangefitness

Twitter: @grangefitness

Instagram: @gfpsuffolkpunch

Watch our video at Grange Fitness to get even more of a feel for the place!

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