LPG endermologie – CELLU M6 Alliance Treatment

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On Monday, 20th January 2020 I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the all-new LPG endermologie CELLU M6 Alliance treatment at the After The Rain Health and Beauty Clinic in Great Holland, located very close to the boutique seaside Frinton-on-Sea.

LPG endermologie

LPG endermologie – a French skincare brand who specialise in technology which stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. These treatments are 100% natural and painless.

However, at PT Today we were informed about the new CELLU M6 Alliance – which is targeted more at our fitness readership. These treatments target individuals on a ‘case-by-case’ basis and is dependent on the skincare and fitness aims/concerns.


Even though many locations across the UK provide this treatment such as Harrods and KX Chelsea, I looked up locations closer to home. The nearest salon was the After The Rain Health and Beauty clinic in Frinton-on-Sea. Myself and my colleague went down to the salon together, even though I was only having the treatment done.

The salon was in a nice location, with plenty of free parking spaces (which is always a bonus). Inside we were warmly welcomed by the staff and did not have to wait long until we were greeted by Clare – a Beauty Therapist and Director of the salon who was going to do my treatment for me.

Once sat inside the beauty room, I noticed the LPG machine instantly. It was very noticeable and could look quite intimidating to some people – but it definitely wasn’t. Clare sat me down and retrieved the smart-tablet which is used as part of the treatment.

She firstly began by asking me questions about my health, and I had to fill out a consultation form like anybody would do before getting a treatment. After going through my health requirements, she then explained that the tablet links up to the LPG machine. She explained that clients can either get a 30 or 40 minute treatment. I decided to make the most out of my visit so I decided to have the 40 minute treatment – which consisted of 4 individual 10 minute treatments. I could decide where to have these 4 treatments. So I decided to go with arms, inner thigh and back of thigh, and my stomach.

After deciding, Clare then put my specific areas of the body I wanted to be treated on up on the tablet, which then linked to the machine and was ready to go. However, before the treatment started I was given a very special suit to wear. This was as described by Clare; “an adult baby-grow” and she wasn’t wrong. It looked very small when she first pulled it out of the LPG bag, and I thought it would be a difficult challenge putting it on, but it surprisingly stretched very well – it just wasn’t very flattering.

LPG provide this suit for their treatments as it allows the machine to glide over the body without any pain or friction.

Once I had the suit on and the beauty therapist had uploaded all information from the consultation, I was ready to go. I started by laying down on my front, with my arms down by my sides and Clare began the treatment on my arms. She spent 10 minutes focussing both on the ‘bingo-wing’ areas on both arms, before moving onto the backs of my thighs on both legs for another 10 minutes.

After half-way through, she then focussed on my inner thighs for 10 minutes and then finally focussed on my stomach for the remaining 10 minutes. Throughout the whole duration of the treatment, the LPG machine leads the therapist through. It was so informative and clever, as it was very time-specific and actually showed the motions in which you should move the machine. It also beeped when to change area or if you were half-way through each area.

During the treatment, Clare was informing me on the benefits of this particular LPG treatment. Such as, the CELLU M6 Alliance not only works on the body but can also work on the face. It works on ageing cells that aren’t lifted and generally rids fat cells, firms and tones all over. She also mentioned that clients can usually see results after the first treatment (for the face), and usually up to the third treatment (for the body).

As recommended, this treatment is best to get done twice a week. This will not only prove more results, but it is also bad for the body if you receive this treatment frequently in a short space of time. In addition, this treatment affects everyone in different ways. It depends heavily on how much you exercise, your diet and your metabolism.

Overall, I thought this treatment was incredible. It was painless in every single area, and felt more like a deep massage but with fitness benefits. Clare was very informative throughout and made sure I was comfortable. And I would personally recommend this treatment for anyone looking to improve their physique and feel comfortable in their own skin.


After the Rain Health & Beauty

In this particular salon that we visited, they have specific prices that are available to their clients:

For a 30 Minute Treatment – £45

For a 40 Minute Treatment – £60

However, for clients to see the best results and to save money – the best way to purchase this treatment is buying a course of 9 treatments and you get the 10th for free.

As there are many different salons which provide the LPG endermologie treatments for clients, it is best to see the individual websites and businesses for prices. As some locations such as London will tend to be more expensive.

Make sure if you do choose to get the CELLU M6 Alliance treatment that you stay hydrated and workout within 24 hours of the treatment and generally keep up your health and fitness to see the best results.


Article By Niamh Dunn – PT Today Social Media Exec & Editorial Assistant 




If you are local to Frinton-On-Sea visit https://www.aftertherainhealthandbeauty.com/contact and book a consultation,

Or to find out more information on LPG endermologie and find a salon closer to you visit https://www.endermologie.com/en/

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