How Fitness Can Improve Your Wellbeing For The New Year

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With 2020 around the corner, learn to love exercise in a fresh way that will keep you motivated, improve your mood and boost your energy. Here are some tips from London’s leading life coach and hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill:

Forget past experiences
Firstly this new year, forget about past experiences, previous peer pressure and pain tolerance. Find a way for you to personally fall in love with exercise that’s going to boost your well-being.
Set learning goals, not performance goals
Instead of focusing on unattainable performance goals such as working out for a specific number of days, shift your focus to learning something that will keep you motivated – perhaps yoga or wall climbing. When the goal is on learning something, we are drawn to it because we are naturally curious and so it keeps us engaged.
Post-fitness feels
Using the distant goal of getting your perfect bikini body makes it difficult to maintain long-term consistency. Instead, think about your how great you will feel emotionally immediately after your work out session.
Think of the bigger picture
Rather than making vague promises to yourself of losing weight, think of the bigger picture. Focus on how exercise not only affects your mental state in the here and now, but how it’s going to improve your overall wellbeing in 2020; this can help motivate you to work out.
Choose the right type of exercise for you
This can play a big part in influencing you to actually do the work out. If an exercise combines skill acquisition as well as body movement, the brain becomes engaged and there is more motivation to learn the necessary skills for these activities. 











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