FORTIS: The HIIT Without The Hurt

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The thing that people haven’t done before, is to wake up the day after a workout and they are actually able to feel their arms.


That’s something that TV personality, Ben Shephard, told us at the launch of FORTIS last month. We couldn’t believe it either, but you can’t disparage until you try it!

FORTIS is a short, yet intense, workout using Speedflex machines led by the amazing trainers. Before starting FORTIS you are given a tracking device which you put around your waist. This sets you up with a profile on the large screen, that tracks your heart rate during the whole session. The key is to keep it down; which sounds easier said than done! The tracking system can also be used to create fun competition between the pairs of teams in the room.  The nature of the interactive class means that you can get to know your peers very quickly as you workout individually, but also in pairs.

Looking around the room, you can see loads of people with different standards of fitness; pensioners, mum’s, professional athletes, or paralympians all training together! The key to a great workout is to be exciting and accessible. FORTIS is just that. And you can get it done in your lunch hour.

You may be wondering how on earth this workout can be available to all abilities and not be painful the next day? The technology behind Speedflex machines is such that the free motion bar requires users to apply force through an entire exercise, rather than just one sided resistance. It gives you as much force as you give it in the first place. Therefore, you are training at the optimum intensity for your ability; and no one knows what that is!



“When the body begins to fatigue, the machine will adjust the resistance to maintain an individualised optimum workout.”*



FORTIS by Speedflex currently have studios at Hemel Hempstead
Leisure Centre, Westgate Leisure Centre and Marshall Street with plans to launch a further 12 over the next year.

For more information visit, follow FORTIS on Instagram and Speedflex on Twitter. 

See for yourself how you can #HIITWithoutTheHurt 

Check out our vlog from the launch event on Youtube to get a real taste of the action!





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