AudioCardio: A Novel Mobile App

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AudioCardio: A novel mobile app that aims to protect and restore hearing in individuals with sensorineural hearing loss.









Hearing loss is a global problem that affects over 450 million people. However, it often goes unnoticed or untreated for a variety of factors ranging from accessibility and affordability to simply having a negative stigma. This is why over 80% of people with hearing loss don’t own a hearing aid and why we don’t seek help for over seven years (on average).

AudioCardio™ is new and revolutionary company that wants to change that! Cofounders, Chris Ellis (CEO) and Sam Kwak (CSO) have created a mobile app that is designed to protect and strengthen your hearing by utilising their patented and clinically proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ technology.

By understanding an individual’s unique hearing thresholds, AudioCardio is able to generate a personalised and inaudible sound therapy to stimulate the cells inside the ear. By stimulating these cells, AudioCardio’s goal is to promote and support neural connections and pathways that help these sound waves reach your brain.

AudioCardio is not for everyone, however, over 70% of their users who use the app for an hour per day for a minimum of 14 days have had a noticeable and significant difference.

Using standard earbuds or headphones, you can quickly assess your hearing thresholds and generate a personalised and inaudible sound therapy. The AudioCardio sound therapy is a once a day one hour therapy that can be done while doing other activities, like working out, listening to music or both at the same time. You can workout your hearing while you workout your body without any additional work. You just have to remember to turn on the sound therapy in the AudioCardio app and play your favourite music through the AudioCardio music player. It is recommended that you use the AudioCardio app for a minimum of fourteen days and continue to use it to protect and maintain your ears. It’s like exercising for your ears.

The assessment is as simple as adjusting volume and takes less than two minutes using standard earbuds or headphones. You start by going to a quiet room and connecting your headphones to your smartphone. After signing up or logging in, you would move the lever up and then down to the point where you can barely hear that particular tone. You can also use the volume buttons next to the levers to set it to the barely audible level as well. AudioCardio recently added these buttons after watching beta testers and noticing that setting a sliding lever can be difficult for individuals with tremors.

After setting these thresholds for five frequency ranges for the left year, followed by the right, you simply press “Start Therapy.” You may or may not hear the sound therapy, but the goal is to continue to “listen” to it using the same earbuds or headphones. Over time, that inaudible or barely audible tone may become noticeable. You should always retake your assessment if the sound therapy ever becomes noticeable or at least once per week. By repeatedly doing this sound therapy on a daily basis and retaking your assessment when the sound therapy becomes noticeable, AudioCardio plans to help millions of people worldwide recover their hearing.

AudioCardio is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult a qualified medical professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


You can find more information about AudioCardio at and you can find their app the Apple (available now) and Google Play Stores (February 17).

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