ukactive, Power Plate and FORA deliver insights on ‘sitting disease’ 

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ukactive presented alongside Power Plate to deliver insights on corporate wellness and the effects of ‘prolonged sitting’ on the long term health of employees at FORA, London.  

Anna Davison, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at ukactive was invited to speak at one of a series of events run by FORA, in conjunction with Power Plate. 

FORA flexible workspaces provide businesses with access to all the basics, plus a range of other benefits such as engaging content, networking events and the provision of wellness.

Held at FORA’s Old Street location, the event was aimed at employees to provide education on the long term effects of sedentary lifestyles, specifically in the workplace. 

Anna Davison of ukactive said “Office workers now spend on average over eight hours per day sitting at their desks, and one in six are affected by mental health issues every year. With this in mind, we were thrilled to see how FORA and Power Plate have come together to offer education around the importance of physical activity in the workplace.” 

As part of FORA’s existing workplace wellbeing initiative, they are exploring different ways to introduce movement and vibration into their offering alongside global health and wellness supplier Power Plate.  

Stephen Powell, Director, UK Education at Power Plate said “Sitting disease is a relatively new health phenomenon making its way into the spotlight. It is caused by sedentary behaviour, proven to shorten life spans, cause hormonal change and increase the risk of developing chronic conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression and more. The key to beating this so-called disease is to move more, more often.”

By introducing Power Plate into some of their facilities around London, FORA has enabled employees to instantly benefit from movement and vibration, regardless of their current health or fitness level and using the FITSTOP programme employees can ‘refresh’ or ‘reset’ during the working day, targeting the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 

The 3 minute FITSTOP programme, has been created to positively impact workplace inactivity, and whilst remaining in usual office attire employees can use Power Plate regularly as part of their daily working routine. 

Ideal for employees looking to, release tension, promote better posture, reduce neck and back pain, relieve tiredness, reduce stress and improve circulation, the new initiative at FORA has been rolled out across three sites in London so far including Soho, Old Street and Borough. 







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