Win a Group Training CPD course worth £200 with EMD UK

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Increase your earning potential for free!

Win a Group Training CPD course worth £200 with EMD UK

EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, are giving PT Today readers the chance to win a CPD course. Could it be you?

If you’re looking to increase your earning potential than the EMD UK Group Training CPD could be your key to success. It has been specifically designed for personal trainers looking to teach group sessions, focusing on exciting and current training protocols including HIIT and AMRAP. Put multiple clients through their paces with sessions such as bootcamps and circuits. Branching out to group sessions increases your skillset, your services and your income.

What is the training?

A two-day (16-hour) workshop style training led by experts in group exercise. The syllabus, which strips away the modules already covered by the course attendees’ previous qualifications (anatomy and physiology, etc), focuses on the core skills needed to instruct group exercise experiences. The training is worth 4 CIMSPA points and 2 REPs points. For a fraction of both the time and cost needed for a full qualification, this smart option makes it easier to invest in your PT business.

Why group exercise? Well…

  • It’s the second most popular physical activity in the UK
  • It attracts nearly five million participants every week
  • Participation has increased by one million since 2016
  • Male participation has increased by 300,000 since 2016

Where can you get these new clients?

More athletes are now turning to the likes of HIIT, circuits and Pilates to complement their training programmes. This isn’t limited to ‘athletic’ sports either; in a Men’s Health article, the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, cited HIIT as one method he used to shed 32kg, whilst maintaining his muscle strength. Football and rugby teams have also been using HIIT to increase player performance. Similarly, Pilates is becoming an ever more popular method to decrease the risk of injury.

Having the Group Training CPD opens up opportunities to you. For example, running bespoke athlete ‘clinics’ and touting the benefits of group exercise to their athletic performance are a great way to get more clients. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase what other services you have to offer, such as 1-2-1 PT sessions.

You could also talk to local sports clubs to see how you can work with their coaches to increase team fitness and offer classes that fit around them.

How can you win?

Simply visit the EMD UK website here and fill in the contact form. You have until midnight on Sunday 8th March to enter. A winner will be announced on Monday 9th March. All non-winners will receive a £50 discount on their CPD booking.

Enter now and good luck!

Click here to enter.

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