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Body Coach Fitness has launched its own range of customised health, fitness, nutrition and sports DNA profiling tests through a leading international diagnostic DNA sequencing  laboratory, in the USA with a data base of over 18,000 single gene panels.

Body Coach Fitness have always adopted a holistic approach to health, supported by the latest cutting-edge developments in the health and leisure industry. DNA Profiling has become increasingly popular among fitness operators in recent years and this is why Body Coach Fitness decided to establish a new standard of DNA test, for everyone from the inactive sedentary person, to an elite athlete.

DNA and epigenetic testing has the potential to help everyone from gold medal-winning athletes to individuals just wanting to get healthy. Body Coach Fitness members/clients will be able to make informed decisions about their own health and fitness goals as a result of the testing and gain a greater understanding of how their bodies work. The DNA profiles, obtained through saliva samples, will also allow other health, nutrition & sports coaches to devise personalised nutrition and exercise programmes for members, including advice on vitamins and supplements, psychology and lifestyle changes and give the person completing the test invaluable data for improved future health ,performance and wellbeing status.

The Body Coach Pro Genetics range of DNA panels can be fully customised to each individual, and includes sports panels such as performance pro, sports pro deluxe, sports injuries, muscle strength & power and a selection of  single sport specific panels for sports such as running, tennis, skiing, football, CrossFit and many more based on your own sporting specific needs. The Body Coach Pro Genetic range of DNA health and wellbeing tests includes the fit and active child panel, joint care panel, longevity in life panel and oxidative stress panel & many more.Nutrition genetic panels include obesity and diet custom panel, paleo diet panel and nutrition for fertility and many more specific nutritional element panels to choose from.

Body Coach Fitness also offers professional practitioner genetic and non-genetic blood analysis test profiles through other leading international providers, offering a full range and portfolio of testing panels for all. Together with bespoke ,customised health, wellbeing, sports and nutritional programming through Body Coach Fitness you will achieve your full sporting potential, and optimal physical and mental health.


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