Happy 1st Birthday Myvegan!

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Myvegan celebrates its first birthday with the launch of three new blends

Birthday’s can be difficult when you are training, but want to be good with the cake aspect. No one wants to watch all their friends and family eating their birthday cake without them!

As it celebrates its first birthday, Myvegan has launched Cacao & Orange, Blueberry & Cinnamon and a limited edition Carrot Cake flavour of its signature Vegan Protein Blend.

Myvegan’s protein blends are a complete source of protein and each flavour includes a full amino acid profile, which can be difficult to get in a plant-based diet.

The limited edition Carrot Cake blend has a natural, subtly spiced, sweet flavour, and is versatile enough to bake with for creating delicious high-protein low-sugar bakes. So good you’ll think it’s the real thing!

A decadent mix of chocolate and orange, the Cacao & Orange vegan protein blend is made using real orange juice and organic cacao, so you know this is a product you can rely on.

Plus, the Blueberry & Cinnamon is made using real fruit juices from blueberries, complimented with the warming taste of cinnamon. The perfect post-workout drink to not only support your recovery but give you that comforting combination of sweet and spice.

The vegan protein blend range has been re-formulated to be super smooth and great tasting, and there’s now even more variety when it comes to supporting your nutrition and fitness goals.

Myvegan – Vegan Protein Blend

£14.99 (500g / 16 servings)


When should I take Vegan Protein Blend?

This protein blend is extremely versatile, making it a cupboard essential for anyone on a plant-based diet.

1. Breakfast — add a scoop to your morning oats or pancakes for a healthy, high-protein start to the day.

2. Post-workout — to support the work you put in at the gym, have a shake 30 minutes before and/or after you train. Just add ¾ of a large scoop (30g) to 250ml of water or plant-based milk to create a delicious shake. Alternatively, you can get creative and throw some fruit or your favourite nut butter into the mix.

3. Baking — it’s also good for boosting your bakes. Try adding a scoop to your next batch of brownies.
Or your birthday cake! We think the carrot cake will go perfectly in a classic carrot cake recipe.


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